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Why Become a Special Education Teacher? Just like any career, being a special education teacher has its challenges, but at the same time, it is an extremely rewarding career. Teachers who choose this profession have the chance to make a life-long impact on a familyБs life. Teaching is a wonderful chance to change the world one moment at a time, and special education is no different. Here are 7 advantages to choosing this career: 1. Daily impact
Teachers get to see the impact they have on their students every day. When an autistic child who is resistant to personal touch comes up and gently hugs the teacher, the impact is real. Celebrating small victories in a studentБs life impacts their overall success. These victories can also be an encouragement for the studentБs families and support system. In a yearБs time, a special education teacher can be a necessary part of many milestones. 2. Higher demand There is an increasing demand for special education teachers. This keeps increasing because the number of special needs students requiring services keeps growing. This means special education teachers who are looking for jobs can more readily find positions nationwide. Becoming certified to teach special education proves to be a highly versatile career choice, with multiple career path options. Some states have individual state certification requirements.


But even with individual state certification, the demand for jobs is ever present. 3. More marketable Having an additional specialization makes a person more marketable for employment. It is helpful to have a specialized background. An employer sees someone that can perform multiple job duties as a better choice and investment. 4. Being an advocate Teaching special education means getting to step out and advocate for a student. An goes beyond the classroom duties to create the best educational plan for a student. Teachers can team up with other educators, parents, health professionals, and school psychologists to find resources that meet the educational needs of all students. 5. Educating others A special education teacher can educate peers. Often students with special needs lack social opportunities because they can have a harder time socializing and interacting with others. By educating others about disabilities, it removes uncertainty and fear. When a bridge can be gapped, students can gain a lot from healthy socialization. Interacting with others of differing abilities gives students the chance to learn from one another and create bonds. Education breaks down social barriers, thus changing communities. 6. Rewarding Being a special education teacher is a rewarding job. When a child makes a breakthrough, the teacher understands the effort required for that breakthrough.


Some are the special bonds that form with the students and their families, being a part of students accomplishing something they never thought they could do, and finally, the love the students give back. 7. Lifelong impact By impacting a child daily, it can lead to lifelong impact for that child. When a child who has cerebral palsy successfully learns a new way to communicate, this can directly affect their independence later in life. From simple improvements to huge leaps, the impact a special education teacher can have on a student can truly be life-changing. It is a fact that teaching special education is challenging. But it is also a fact that it has many benefits as well. Poet, known as БThe Voice of the American Teacher,Б summed up the value of helping all children to be successful when he stated, БEvery child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. Б I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I would set up my living room as a classroom and play for school for hours and hours. My mother was wonderful enough to let me leave my classroom set up for days. I adore children and could not think of a better way of working with children than to teach. To be a teacher means to touch lives.

As a teacher, you have the ability to educate and mold children into capable and intelligent members of society. As a teacher, I am able to provide students with the essential building blocks they need to begin their lives. To me, there is no more rewarding career than that. I have always loved children. I also strongly care about those who less fortunate than I am and those who struggle with daily hardships. Because of this, it seems only logically that I would want to teach students with disabilities. In today s society, those who are mentally or physically different are frowned upon and deemed inferior. However, students with disabilities are not something to be ashamed of or taken lightly. Students with disabilities should not have to face this hardship alone. Disabilities can easily be overcome with the proper love, care and instruction that only a special education teacher can provide. By becoming a special education teacher, I will have the humbling opportunity to teach these students to the best of my ability. I will give them the support, patience and care they deserve. By encouraging these students and believing in them, I will give them the chance to believe in themselves. I will encourage them the face their disabilities and hardships they will face and tackle them head on. My mother was a special education teacher for many years.

She is a great influence and a large reason why I also want to teach students with disabilities. My mother would come home from a long day at school, sit on her bed, make lesson plans, create worksheets and even design new techniques for her students. This is an expectation for any teacher, but the amount of work, dedication and love she put into her career was extremely inspiring for me to witness. Her loving, caring and sincere personality captured the hearts and minds of her students. My mom fell in love with each of her students and figured out a way to teach each one in their own way. Not only did she love her job, but her students loved her. To this day, she is still in contact with several of her students and their families. The most rewarding career in the world is to be an educator. But to be a special education teacher is even more rewarding. Every student has a right to an education and has a right to thrive in their educational career. Every student has the potential to make their dreams come true. No disability should ever prohibit a student from the very best education possible. I would like to be a special education teacher because I want to make a difference. I want every student to feel that they are worth they are with it and that somebody will always believe in them be his or her number one fan!

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