why i don t support the troops


No, but you can support people. If you say you support the troops but not the war, then you most likely mean you support the people fighting because (in the simplest terms) they\’re living, breathing people. No one wants to see people killed or injured. I would assume if your concern for the troops is genuine, you are a kind-hearted person who also wouldn\’t want to see a teacher, doctor, or bus driver killed or injured. Your support for the troops is not exclusive to troops. You are really supporting people, and that\’s okay. It\’s okay to say you don\’t support the troops, because troops are war. War doesn\’t exist without troops. This category mistake leads to dangerous double-think. The troops are the war. If there were no troops, there would be no war. It is to sit atop a nearby hill and watch a battle take place and then turn to your guide and say – OK, thanks for showing me the troops, I\’m in support of them and all that I have seen. But when are you going to get around to actually showing me the war? I\’m not in support of the war and, if I were to see the war, I would not be in sport of what I would be seeing. How would we, the guide, reply to you, the ignorant? We might sensibly say something like – No, you are somewhat confused. The troops they are the actors or players in the war and this battle you saw is one of many battles that collectively constitute the war, the tools that they use are the weapons of the war and when they shoot them and kill each other these are the casualties of the war. \’The war\’ is nothing more than a term to describe all those things collectively to consider them as part of a series of purposeful actions with the same goal. This is argument 101. A basic error that would not be accepted in any academic work. Read about Gilbert Ryle and category mistakes here – http://en. m. wikipedia. org/wiki/Category_mistake
This isn\’t a debate. There is a fact about the matter.


You cannot support the troops and not support the war. Not really, and here\’s why. Leftists and other anti war zealots tend to view America as the perpetual \”aggressor\” in foreign conflicts. These people think that terrorism is a reaction to our foreign policy. How then can they support the military and make blanket statements about the American \”war machine\” in the same breath? The left loves to dehumanize soldiers and cast them into crude stereotypes, then have the gall to claim they support the very people doing the fighting (to keep them safe! ) but oppose all wars and conflicts. That is childish, insincere, unpatriotic and complete hypocrisy. The threats we face are very real and extremely dire. Instead of saying thanks, the left\’s moral flagellation is tying the hands of our men and women in uniform behind there backs. And for what, to defend Muslim terrorists? WE ARE AT WAR. As a Marine officer, I learned to embrace diversity, follow the chain of command and listen to experts. As a Purple Heart recipient, I came to value the importance of dignity and respect, especially when it comes to those who have sacrificed. Those values lead me to an inescapable conclusion: military veterans should think long and hard before voting for Donald Trump. Veterans could prove decisive in this election. Currently, the Republican nominee enjoys less support among veterans than John McCain and Mitt Romney did at this point in their campaigns. , national security adviser for Romney said: Trump will have to over-perform with veterans to overcome his deficiencies with Hispanics, African-Americans, women, and college-educated whites. Here are five reasons why I think veterans shouldn t support Trump. 1. His personal record and public comments make a mockery of our military service. Trump deferred the draft for the Vietnam War four times while in college.


When he graduated in the spring of 1968, earning his eligibility to be drafted and sent to Vietnam, he, making him unfit to serve. Trump failed to mention his medical deferment when he asked by last July. Trump has also said that was his own personal Vietnam, that Senator John McCain was not a war hero and that he because of his education at the New York Military Academy. 2. He knows nothing about sacrifice. Trump crossed a red line when he chose to attack Gold Star parents who appeared at the Democratic National Convention. The Khans are a Muslim family, and although their son died in service to our country defending what we stand for, Trump took this opportunity to throw more red meat to his supporters. Trump summed up his faulty understanding of sacrifice when he : I think I ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. 3. He knows very little about our military and overarching national security apparatus. Wall Street Journal last month that Trump refuses to read position papers. In a world of complex diplomatic relationships, nuclear weapons, competing national interests and deadly enemies, his inexperience could have severe consequences for our country. He also has publicly admired Vladimir Putin, and even said numerous times that President Obama was the founder of ISIS. Fifty of the most noted Republican national security experts dating back to President Nixon s administration, including Michael Chertoff, Tom Ridge, John Negroponte and Michael Hayden recently explaining why none of them will vote for Trump. Trump displayed his ignorance of our military most obviously when he recently accepted a Purple Heart medal from Army Lieutenant Colonel Louis Dorfman and : I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier. All veterans should really stop and think about that response.


When I was awarded my Purple Heart, given to those wounded or killed in action, the presenting officer said that it was a medal that nobody really wants, and he was right. 4. Trump does not provide straight answers based on serious thought. There seems to be no issue on which Trump has not his opinion, including his position on gun control, his proposed ban on Muslims and his view on sending in U. S. troops to defeat ISIS. He also constantly says that he never supported the war in Iraq. As it turns out, professional can find no such statement from Trump before the war, and, in fact, he told Howard Stern six months before the war started that he supported it. 5. He is no Ronald Reagan. Many veterans supported President Reagan, and Trump has periodically himself to Reagan. Unlike Trump, when Reagan ran for president, he had a proven conservative track record after eight years as the governor of California, our nation s most populous state; Trump has absolutely no public experience and a checkered private-sector career. Reagan was a great communicator and it was easy to understand his vision and how we could get there; Trump relies consistently on empty expressions devoid of meaning such as. I understand that many veterans do not like Hillary Clinton because of her involvement in the Benghazi tragedy and her email scandal. The tragic deaths in Benghazi are terribly sad, but I hope voters make their opinions based on the findings of the recently released House Republican committee report that did not blame Clinton and actually. And Clinton s server issues are disturbing to me, especially after working in the intelligence community for several years. But her faults pale in the face of Trump s complete lack of understanding of our military and our national security. Do not blindly give Trump your vote. He does not have our best interests at heart.

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