why do you want to be a receptionist interview


You should not refer to the past in your answer. To say that you want to be a receptionist because your field of study was related to the job, or because you had the same occupation in the past, would indicate a must. You should show them your desire to have this job and not a must. I suggest you to talk about the future, your motivation to do the job, and the nature of it. You should also be careful about your tone of voice and the way you talk about this occupation. Show enthusiasm, show them that you enjoy doing the things receptionists normally do.

Every one of us has some skills and is good in doing something. I believe that people enjoy talking to me, that I am a good listener, and that I can identify their needs and help them to satisfy them. Thatвs my reason for applying for receptionist role. I would like to become a hotel manager one day, and believe that a role of a receptionist is a first step on my long journey to the position of a hotel manager. * Do you like the answers? Check my eBook, the, for great answers to
25 difficult interview questions for receptionists, and winning interview strategies.

Will you do more than your competitors do to succeed, and to get this job? В Interviewers try to find out if you go from one interview to another, or if their hotel (company) matters to you (at least somehow), and if you spent some time researching about their place, goals, and values. You should realize one thing before answering this question: The people who will interview you for the job are typically proud of their hotel (or company). The will know a lot about the place. The more you know about the place, t he easier it will be for you to connect with them, to make a good impression.

Find something you can compliment about their place (your pre-interview research will help you with the task), and point to that thing while answering this question in an interview. Your hotel has excellent guest reviews on all major websites. It has a wonderful location, and I believe it is one of the best places to stay in the city if not the very best one. I would be proud to work here as a receptionist, and can not imagine a better place for my work. I really like the variety of activities you offer to all groups of guests.

Swimming for children, thematic evenings for elderly couples, and romantic dinners for everyone. The rooms are really nice; the staff Iвve met here looked professional. I would be happy to become a member of this team. I have purchased some furniture from you before, and I enjoyed the customer service in your store. From the beginning to an end of my purchase, I felt that someone cared. I like the values and rules you follow in this place, and I want to be a part of this team, as a receptionist.

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