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In hard pressed times like these, with a scarcity of available jobs, only a handful of good positions appear in the market. Many candidates apply for these few jobs, but only the lucky one or the
ideal one б gets the job. What is it that differentiates anб ideal one from the rest? Since the interview happens to be the last obstacle to achieve a job position, clearly the intervieweeБs answersб make or break б an interview. Though there may be tricky questions in which an interviewee might get entangled, surprisingly, it is theб б that trip up the candidates. Question:б БWhy do you want to become a teacher? Б This straight forward question is a good example. Why is that so? Well, a candidate is most often prepared to answer tough questions but when he/she is asked a basic question, rather a БStatement of PurposeБ question; his/her ignorance regarding the job is revealed. б Sometimes, the lack ofб conviction andб clarity of thought б puts off an employer and that ends the interview Б without a job offer. The sample responses below can help you formulate an answer that sincerely expresses your goals and aspirations and will land you the job. Why would one want to become a teacher? Бб б БI wanted to become a teacher to be able to make a positive difference on the future of children. For me, it is great/fulfilling challenge: stimulating the next generation to become lifelong learners.


I have always been grateful to the educational system for implanting values in me and at this juncture, I feel I should contribute what I have learnt and experienced over the years. This way I will be paying back and at the same time can fulfill my desire of enhancing the education system. Б Clearly, the applicant seems to be concerned about the present educational system and by mentioning the word БcontributeБ he/she states his/her strong sense of motivation and thus, distinguishes his/her candidature from the rest. Further, the applicant can state and validate his/herб basic interest б in the job profile. By doing so, he/she will catch the interviewerБs attention and the interviewer will understand that the applicant isб aware and interested б in the nature of the job profile. Бб б БI canБt think of any job as important to society as teaching. I have always loved to give young people the best start in life. Interacting with kids is great. Be it on educational grounds or recreational activities, it is a lot more fun interacting and learning with kids. As a hobby, I have been giving tutorials to kids at the neighborhood community center. Б The applicant has been able to put forward his/her reason for interest in the job profile. БI love to interactБ and БI have been giving tutorialsБ highlight the fact that the candidate is aware of the intricacies of the job and has some sound experience in the same.

The applicant can further state his/her skill sets that are the prerequisites for the job in question. Бб б БI want to be a teacher for developing a new generation of thinking individuals. Being a goal oriented person with tons of patience, I am sure I will be able to gel with kids and train them in the required subjects with utmost care and concern for achieving the educational goals. Б Since being focused on achieving educational goals and being patient are key abilities that a good teacher must possess, by mentioning these skills, the interviewee finally wins the heart of the interviewer. Keep in mind all of these points, and be honest and assertive while answering the question. Usually there is a governor on the interview panel and they will be interested in how you involve parents in their children\’s education. Schools want to see teachers making extra effort to get parents involved in their child\’s education. Less and less parents are coming into schools for one reason or another but the more a parent is involved with their child\’s education, the more support they offer and therefore the better their levels will increase during their schools years.

Surely that\’s a win win. What do you think to parent involvement? How do you communicate with parents? Do you make time for parents? Will you go that extra mile to get the support from parents? \”As a parent myself I understand that your child is the most important thing to you in the whole world. I know for a fact that the more a parent is involved the more support they will offer their child\’s education. A win,win situation. With this in mind I do try to involve parents in their child\’s education as much as possible. \” \”Recently I got a phone call from my daughter\’s German teacher. She mentioned that she had done exceptionally well in her exam and that she was really pleased with her. This made my day even though it had been a difficult one. I thought about it after and I couldn\’t help but smile for all the times I had done that to other parents. A little phone call like that can really motivate children in class too, so it is something I try and do as often as possible. Other ways I try and show parents how well their child is doing are things like star of the day, where they get a certificate for working hardest or being the best behaved during the day. \” \”I also like to give out homework where I can get the parents to help their child like a project to do. This way parents are helping with their education as well as spending quality time with them.

If it is not a project I do try and give examples of how we have taught children in the class on the top of the sheet, this is so the child can remember but also so a parent can see too, as a lot of teaching methods now are different to when they were at school. \” \”I also make myself available at the start of school and end of school if parents want to come and have a little chat about their child. At the end of the day I wait by the gate with the children and see them off, which is always nice to see parents smiling at them. Any behaviour issues that arise can often be dealt with by a quick word after school to let the parent know. If this has not been able to take place for any reason then a quick phone call home to talk to them usually helps. On a few occasions I have asked for the parent to come in and speak to me if issues persist so we can have a more in depth conversation. \” \”I have also given my school email address out to parents in the past, this is so children can send in homework this way, or if parents have any issues they can email me to notify me of this. \” \”On top of this, I have also asked parents to come in during special creative days in the past, where the children can show off their skills to their parents on specific projects during the day. These have been a great success. \”

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