why do women shave their pubic area

We are all for grooming down there. Wax it, shave it, trim it, laser itwhatever works best for you. And if you want to rock a bush, we totally support that as well. But for those of you who de-fuzz your lady parts: Do you know why you re doing it? A new study does. between the ages of 18 and 65 and found that more than 80 percent of them groomed their pubic hair. About 60 percent of women said they did it for hygiene, 46 percent claimed it was just part of their routine, and 32 percent said they felt it made everything look good. One factor as to why women groom their pubic hair is partner preference. Fifty-five percent of women do it for sex, 45 percent groom for vacation, and 40 percent do it before seeing a doctor. (Glad we re not the only ones who feel like we need to wax before the gyno. )
Beyond the reasons why we do it, there were some interesting demographics on who is waxing and shaving.

Grooming is less about sexual activity and more linked to age, race, and educational level. The younger you are, the more you ll care about what your vagina looks like, and white women were more likely to wax and shave than other races. The study chalked this up to cultural norms and how much culture has shaped how we think vaginas should look like. Researchers also came to the conclusion that women are just self-conscious about their pubes, even in a doctor s office. Who knew so much went into your monthly Brazilian appointment? These are the unwritten rules of pubic hair: Despite a growing movement to embrace a natural bush, most women still keep their pubic hair cleanly shaven, new statistics have found. The research came from babe s sexual attitudes survey which uncovered that 44 per cent of us shave our pubic hair entirely.

Trimmed was the second most popular option for 32 per cent of women, while keeping your pubic hair natural trailed in third place with just seven per cent. Babe s sexual attitude survey was taken by thousands of young women all over the world, and is an honest portrayal of how girls feel about their bodies and sex lives in 2016. Most of the women who answered the survey though, didn t feel particularly militant one way or the other on how we should look after our pubic hair. In fact, most of them seemed to not give a fuck at all. One woman wrote:В I trim in summer and for specific occasions, otherwise though, I can t really be bothered. It was a similar story across the board; I shave it all off when I can be bothered, in between those days I m just prickly, said one woman.

Another contributed:В I shave the labia and trim the top. I used to shave more but razor burn just isn t worth it. It looks worse than the hair. Whatever the hell I feel like sometimes I shave, sometimes I do nothing. It s not to please a man or anything, I just find my pubes itchy when they get long, so I like to keep them pretty short. The general sentiment was that women aren t keen to keep their pubes in line with partner s wishes or shave it, but nor are they likely to let it grow for political reasons. The vibes weren t belligerent, it was more that we just don t give a fuck. The noughties style of waxing completely have become less fashionable, and just six per cent of women who answered the survey favoured it as a style.

Brazilian was the least popular though, at just five per cent. However we are becoming more chill about the concept of pubic hair as a whole. Babe s sexual attitude survey polled nearly 6,000 women, and a massive 79 per cent of them said that not having shaved their pubic hair or legs wouldn t stop them having sex. Shaving, waxing, even trimming are laborious processes. They can often be expensive or painful, but clearly the diktat that we should grow our body hair out for the cause isn t landing with normal women anymore than the idea we should shave it all off to look like dated porn stars. Despite the pressure from all sides we ve managed to stay fairly lackadaisical about whatever we do down below. Basically, we re just doing whatever the fuck we want with our own bodies, and that can only be a good thing.

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