why do you get headaches on your period


The first step is to establish a pattern by keeping a diary of when your period starts and when your migraines usually start. If you have very predictable periods and migraines, you can actually work with your doctor to prevent the pain by taking medicine ahead of time, Halker says. And even if you donБt find a consistent pattern of migraines related to menstruation, having data on how often migraines occur could show both you and your doctor that the problem is serious and perhaps requires prescription medication. It can also reveal whether or not certain medications are effective at treating migraines. б
If you get migraines with auras, using birth control that contains estrogen and progesterone isnБt a safe option.

Taking it could make you more likely to have a. Other reasons your doctor may not want you to take birth control for your menstrual migraines: A history of The drugs used most often to treat menstrual migraines can also help prevent them. These include and triptans, such as: Your doctor may also prescribe a drug thatБs often used to treat other conditions. These could include beta-blockers, which help control high blood pressure, anti-seizure drugs, or. Alternative therapies could also give you some relief, although itБs key that you check with your doctor before you try one. supplements help some women with menstrual migraines. , relaxation exercises, and therapy are useful, too.

Eating too many salty foods could also lead to headaches. ItБs wise to limit the amount of salt you eat around the time of your period. Taking Б Б (your doctor might call them diuretics) can help. If nothing else works, your doctor may prescribe a drug called acetate (Eligard, Lupaneta Pack, Lupron Depot). It drops the estrogen levels in your body, but it does have side effects. Because of this, itБs often thought of as a last resort. During the, estrogen levels rise quickly, then level out. Because of this, many women notice that their migraines get better or go away after their third month of. If you still get headaches, donБt take any drugs. Many migraine medicines are bad for your baby.

An over-the-counter pain reliever like is generally believed safe, but check with your doctor before you take it. In the years before menopause, estrogen levels go on a rollercoaster ride. Many women see their headaches get worse during this time. Once you stop having periods for good, your migraines will likely stop as well. If youБre on estrogen replacement therapy and your headaches get worse, your doctor may lower the dose, advise you to stop taking it, or change to a different type. An estrogen patch is often the best option. It keeps your estrogen level steady, so a menstrual migraine is less likely to happen. б 2017 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

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