why do we sometimes feel sad for no reason

Sadness is a completely natural human emotion. Sometimes we can feel sad or depressed for no reason, and that is completely okay. We aren\’t always aware of things that could be affecting us, or our sub conscious. It\’s always important to take time for YOU at least once during the day when you can be free of interruptions. This involves self reflection. If you are feeling sad for no reason, take some time by yourself to do some deep breathing and reflect on what has been happening in your life recently. You never know what you may think of!

Never look at this as a bad thing. We are constantly working on our emotions as human beings. There may be an area of your life that is bothering you, when you can identify that, you can then work on bettering yourself or the situation that could be causing you some sadness. Good luck!
Hi Aiden, It\’s great to hear that things are looking up for you of late, bottle the good moments and take them with you as a reminder. I may have mentioned in another thread that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, so therefore an inability to regulate emotions added to this the fact that people with BPD feel emotions about 20 times more powerful than others.

So Emotions are heightened most of the time for me – good or bad. Feeling sadness, or anger can also be common symptoms of depression, and often they are unexplainable. There are definitely things that I find useful, and one of them you have already accomplished, and that is being able to recognise that you feel a certain way but cannot rationalise the feeling. Once you recognise it then you can make the choice as to what you do with it.

In terms of therapy CBT is a good one for this purpose as you basically work backwards to help minimise the actions based on emotions. What are you doing? What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What is the evidence for/against this thought? What could be a more balanced thought? How do you feel now? Mindfulness is another helpful tool (you can google this) it comes under the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy banner which describes thoughts and feelings as not being facts. The idea is to then allow the feelings to be present without judgement.

One thing we will never be able to do as long as we are human is stop emotions or thoughts, but learning not to get hooked on them, or overanalyse their presence is a useful skill. SELF HELP TIPS FOR MANAGING DEPRESSION – Under the Depression Section of the forums. (for when you feel sad) TIPS FOR MANAGING URGES – Under the Treatments section on the forums. (for when you feel angry) I also hope that you eventually managed to find the \”finding joy in times of darkness\” thread that Stitch started?

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