why do you want to be a call center agent


\”Why work at a call center? \”
is a simple question. Yet, many fail to understand the simplicity of the answer, and I was one of them. I remember my first application to a call center company. During my initial interview, I was asked the same question. With conviction I replied: \”To practice and improve my communication skills. \” To be honest, I wasn\’t really expecting that question, so I tried to answer it in a way I thought would give the interviewer the impression that I want to grow in the industry. But I was wrong. From the moment I finished my answer, I could see the sudden change in expression on the interviewer\’s face. She told me that the they are not looking for people who are just here for practice and improve their communication skills. She also added that I could have done that at school or in an English training class. At that point, I knew I flunked my interview and my confidence was shot. When I was told that I would receive a call and to just keep my lines open, my apprehension was validated. First, you must understand that this is not a trick question. It does not need sugar-coated answers.


You should be honest and truthful. Let\’s discuss the reasons why people go into this industry, so you don\’t get blindsided like I did. / kevin mercado I I chose to work in a call center firm because of the factors that has allowed me to discover more about this contact management solutions has to offer for everyone regardless of your educational background or level reached. So these are the factors why I chose to work in a call center set up; first of all they have opportunities for all ages,gender and ethnicity which is the most important thing on hiring applicants they always looking for companies or nay type of business firms that will treat them equally and cordially as workers not machines. A company that secures the health of all of their workers. They do also provide some stipend or collaterals if they ve solved an issue or they re performing well thru company incentive plus other bonuses such as food for example. I know that it s not all about the money it s the matter of customer service that s why we wouldn t regret that some people want to get a job in call centers because of higher chances of getting recognized and promoted from within.

Another factor is the work environment where the workers are allowed to enjoy the different cozy and high end and state of the art facilities because of well maintained environment with pantry, sleeping quarters and infirmary with healthcare professionals. Plus they also have yearly outdoor activities to all the employees make their work life balanced and other get together gatherings. So these are the factors that I just have known so far about call center job and I want to work here. You should hire me because as somone new in this industry, I m still looking for carrier development, advancements and growth. Especially if the company has training programs for better improvement of proving quality customer service. Well I believe that I possess the necessary skill sets to fit for the psotion that I m applying for. I m knowledgeable in basic computer system and software applications such as word processor, excel and PowerPoint presentation I also have handled Linux operating system so I know about operating even the database and transferring the files to another database depending on the type of OS they re using.

I have good customer relation skills which means I can handle hard or angry customer by establishing a good rapport son that we can maintain our good connection to the customer and I m empathetic which is the most important trait on providing customer service if something bad happens. I m responsible, dependable and honest in terms if following the company rules and regulations and exercising transparency within the company. I m punctual when it comes to work ethic I always keep track on the important duties and responsibility over the less important things to avoid tardiness. I can travel one hour before my duty starts. But sometimes I overwork too much which is one of my weaknesses. So I m looking forward in collaboration with this company on continuing the future endeavors,so as mine. I can be an asset in representing the company s name, services and recognitions so that we could attract more people who would like to start their career in a a call center firm.

That s all. I have no problems with shifting schedules and I m ready to work whenever the company needs my assistance and support. I don t have any problems with the offer as long as I m professionally challenged. I m willing to improve the skills where I m weak at. And my idea about call center job is this is a contact management that handles large volumes of calls, complains about the company s services. It s a tough job and it really requires resistance and patience in order to perform well. Listening skill is a must as well so that you re able to decide for the customer and focus on the problem. I have good hearing acuity. There are two different types of call center job the one is customer service agent which is the agent is responsible for handling and solving customer s request, complains and cancelations if necessary. And the other one is the technical support agent which is the agent is responsible for solving technical issues that needs troubleshooting, upgrade and changing plans. This position requires technical skills in order to qualify.

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