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Crying is a normal part of life for everyone, but sometimes people cry for no reason at all. In fact, you may be feeling completely happy and start crying. Some people cry when they are happy or surprised and some cry when they are angry or anxious. There are many reasons why this may happen to you such as an underlying physical condition, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Physical Condition There are some that can create havoc with your emotions by affecting your levels of hormones or other chemicals in your body. Some of these include: Source: unsplash. com If you think you may have one of these conditions, you should see your physician as soon as possible. Stress Too much stress can cause all sorts of issues, both physical and emotional. Some of the include headaches, tension, nausea, and even crying episodes. Everyone has stress in their lives at one time or another, but it can affect people in different ways. Your body has to cope with stress in some way, and sometimes it may just decide to surprise you with a crying episode out of nowhere.


The best way to deal with this is to find the source of the stress and eliminate it, if possible. Sometimes it is impossible to completely eliminate your stress, for example, if you\’re feeling stressed at work. But you can find healthy ways to relieve stress such as exercise, yoga, or therapy. Source: unsplash. com Fatigue Fatigue, like stress, is part of everyone\’s life at one time or another. We all need sleep to stay healthy, and if we do not get enough sleep, our bodies can react in strange ways. It\’s been discovered that crying episodes and negative mood changes occur if you do not get at least five hours of sleep every night. The easy way to fix this issue is to make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep per day. If you are having trouble sleeping, talk to your physician about this because it may be a symptom of an underlying illness. Anxiety Just like stress, in different ways and crying may be one of them.

Some of the other symptoms of anxiety include: Depression One of the most common reasons for crying is It may be a temporary feeling of depression that only lasts for a few days caused by an incident that made you sad. However, it also may be a more serious form of depression such as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. Some of the other symptoms of depression besides crying episodes include: Sadness that lasts for Source: pixabay. com If you believe you may be suffering from depression, call your physician or psychologist. You don\’t have to suffer alone. If you don\’t have a psychologist, there are at BetterHelp that can talk to you about feeling depressed either through chatting online or on the phone. Alternatively, you can find you a therapist near you if you want to see someone in person. 5. Watery Eyes Your crying may also not have anything to do with your hormones; it may be that you\’re suffering from watery eyes.

This symptom is to be found in new born babies and the older people. The lacrimal gland which is located to on the outer side of the eye contantly makes small amounts of tears. When you blink, the eyelids pass tears over the eye to keep it moist. The tears then pass down channels on the inner side of the eye into the tear sac. They then flow through the tear duct and into your nose. Anything that irritates the eyes can cause you to shed a lot of tears. Sometimes watery eyes can be the result of your lower eyelids turning outwards away from the eye. Tears toll to the bottom of your eyelid instead of the tear sac. 6. Smaller Tear Ducts Women are also biologically built to cry more than men. Men tear ducts are larger than for women, meaning that it takes less liquid to spill over in a womanв eyes than does a manвs. Men can easily blink the tears away, while for women tears will start running down their cheeks. 7. Social Activities It could also be because women engage in a lot of activities that are emotionally draining.

Soap operas – which most women love в demand a lot of emotional attachment which can lead to lots of crying. It is also noted the type of books women would chose to read, romantic and emotional can lead to tears. The male counterpart would be properly fixing his car or engaged in a high tense game of football or any other sports. It is also to be noted that women take up a lot of emotionally like nursing or homecare while men take up the technical ones. This jobs that most men take up deprive them an opportunity to express their emotions. So the next time you feel like crying for no reason, don\’t hold back the tears. Besides there is lot of documented evidence to suggest that crying has health benefits including tears kill bacteria, clears vision, improves mood, relieves stress and boosts communication in a relationship. Holding on to tears can be disastrous as you keep a lot of toxic emotions stored within you. So let down those tears.

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