why do we need to conserve fossil fuels


In modern times, fossil fuels are used for a variety of purposes in addition to heating and light. In the 1800s, coal stoves were common. These stoves worked somewhat like fireplaces. People filled the stove with coal and lit the coal to generate heat. Coal is not a popular heating source today, but is used to generate electricity. Coal is also used in the production of glass, cement, pottery and steel, as well as in medicines such as aspirin.


Oil has a wide variety of uses. In addition to being a viable heating and lighting source, it is used in the production of gasoline, which powers motor vehicle engines. It also is used in the synthesis of plastics and in aspirin. Natural gas is used both residentially and commercially. Homes all over the U. S. use natural gas for cooking, heating and lighting purposes.


It is also used to generate electricity.
Power up with renewables. In many locations, the prices of and are competitive with fossil fuels. Although many national governments in Europe and North America have ended subsidies, some local governments still provide tax breaks for solar panels and/or wind turbines. Check with your city or state/provincial government to see if they offer these incentives. Solar panels come in a variety of sizes for rooftops and yards.

If you prefer wind power, you can build or buy a turbine small enough for your backyard. If youБre an apartment/condo dweller or if you rent your home, look into buying offsets. Check online for power companies that match your energy consumption with clean power. You can stay with your current utility company, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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