why have i got spots on my tongue


I keep getting painful spots on my tongue. They last up to five days, and I get them on the \’pimples\’ at the end and the side of my tongue. Usually it\’s only one at a time and there are about 10 days in between \’sores\’. I feel this problem is too minor to consult the doctor about. By the time my appointment comes, the spot will have gone. Am I lacking in any vitamins or minerals? Is it a symptom of something else? Is there anything I can do to help prevent these spots or numb them? You either need extra of the vitamin B group most likely or you\’re getting recurrent infections in the mouth. Have you had a recent dental check? Sometimes the infections come from a tooth or gum origin. You could also try regular use of an antiseptic mouthwash for a month or two. Last updated 11. 01. 2009
Red spots on tongue are small blood bumps that can be caused due to a variety of reasons like vitamin deficiencies, infections, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases etc.


The tongue is normally pinkish in color. The color, texture and moisture of the tongue communicate a lot about the general health of an individual. Therefore changes in any of these aspects tend to indicate the presence of other diseases. Red dots on the tongue often indicate inflammatory. Red blotches on tongue, on the other hand, may indicate a condition called. Some common causes of red spots on the tongue are vitamin B12 deficiency, yeast infection (like ), Oral, Kawasaki disease, Scarlet Fever and other such conditions. Kawasaki disease affecting blood vessels in the body is an mostly occurring in small children. It often leads to the development of large spots on tongue. In case of Scarlet fever, red dots on tongue tend to appear as a result of streptococcal infection. This contagious disease is also accompanied by strawberry tongue.

Individuals suffering from digestive ailments like tend to have red bumps on tongue because of regurgitated liquid from the stomach. This liquid usually contains acids and pepsins. Certain disorders of skin and taste buds can also give rise to this condition of tongue with red spots. At times, excess irritation on the surface of the tongue due to can encourage the growth and spread of oral bacterial infection thereby giving rise to this problem. Moreover, allergic reactions whether due to food or medicines, may lead to red spots on the tongue. Besides, induced chronic inflation of lungs is often characterized by the presence of red spots on tongue. Factors like excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking, or the consumption of hot and spicy foods may also cause the same. Painful bumps on tongue can be indicative of Canker Sores as well.

In rare cases, red spot on tongue on any one side of the tongue could mean oral cancer. However, do not jump to any serious conclusion yourself. Instead, consult a doctor to clear your doubts. As this condition can be caused by a number of reasons, effective treatment of red spots on tongue is primarily dependent on accurate identification of the underlying cause. In case the red dots are caused because of vitamin deficiency then a healthy diet aimed at the inclusion of more vitamin B and iron rich foods is highly recommended to cure the condition. Shell fish, red meat, nuts, dried apricots and other such foods are highly beneficial in this regard. Probiotic foods like yogurt help in fighting causing red dots on tongue. Moreover, rinse the mouth with a saline solution and maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent and cure common red spots on tongue.

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