why is netflix so slow on xbox 360


That update a couple months ago was the absolute worst. The Netflix App is so glitchy now. And its annoying. I use Netflix almost daily, I miss the old version. Often closed captioning will freeze and stay stuck on a sentence until you back out of the film and reload. Often my personal queue will not load properly and I end up with a bunch of black boxes instead of the items in my list, or my personal queue will completely freeze and I can t even scroll. The way they changed the fast-forward and rewind mechanic is awful (you now use the joystick (or d-pad) and it has one speed, before the changes you used the triggers and
You can no longer use the bumpers to skip chapters and episodes entirely.

Aesthetically its incredibly ugly, and I preferred when the boxes were bigger. I hate being asked if I want Netflix Kids or Normal Netflix, I want an option to disable it. Its just an unnecessary extra load time, I never use the kid version, don t make me choose. You can no longer rate titles as you re watching it, in fact many options have been removed from the drop down window. And overall its very sluggish and slow. Lots of load times. I have been using the Netflix App on the Xbox 360 for maybe a year and a half now.

It has always run as smooth as can be. Smooth upon launch, smooth while browsing through movies/shows and VERY smooth upon viewing. Always showing full bars and High Def on the screen. Picture/audio was crystal clear. Never experienced any problems or drawbacks. It would load very fast and the streaming experience was flawless. Now for some reason, starting about 2-3 weeks ago, every time I go into the application, movie titles are slow to show up while browsing through and when I go to watch something, it shows only 2 bars for my internet connection, thus making the experience horrible. The movie will take several minutes to load up and the actual picture quality is atrocious.

Worse than even standard def. Through out the viewing experience the connection bars will go up and down. And at times it will show a message saying my internet connection is too slow to play anything at all. I don\’t get it. Nothing has changed with my internet connection or my ISP at all. Everything has stayed the same. All router settings are still the same and everything. I connect to Xbox Live via wireless adapter. Have never had any problems. I can play games online with no problems at all. I just don\’t understand this for the life of me.

You have the occasional mishap or lag in connection here and there for online gameplay which is normal for everyone connecting to games with heavy traffic but i have NEVER had connection issues with the Netflix app. I can even go into the Xbox menus under network configuration and it will show that my xbox is connected to the internet with full bars. Disconnect, re-connect and still full bars. I\’m pretty tech savvy and can usually get to the root of a computer/networking issue and fix it myself. But this is something that doesn\’t make any sense to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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