why do water bugs come in the house


The water bug is another name for the American cockroach. Also called palmetto bugs, they are a reddish-brown or mahogany color, and grow up to two inches in length. They have wings but rarely fly and belong to the true bug order \”Hemiptera. \” Other insects in this order are aphids, hoppers, and cicadas.


Water bugs can normally be found outside in woodpiles, trees, shrubs, and other places that are warm and moist. These cockroaches can also be found in boiler rooms of commercial buildings, sewers, and heat tunnels.


Unfortunately, they are often found in homes, usually when conditions outside are not favorable.
Pull the stove and refrigerator away from the wall and scrub all surfaces and interiors. Apply a grease-cutting spray cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grease.

Open stove and refrigerator drawers and clean them. Remove shelves and racks and scrub separately. Clean grease from the oven and stovetop. Run self-cleaning ovens through their cleaning cycle. Throw away expired or deteriorated food in the fridge.

Clean dust and debris from the back and underside of the stove and fridge with a whisk broom and vacuum cleaner. Scrub the floor clean, especially underneath the stove and refrigerator and along the edges where the floor meets walls and cabinets.

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