why do watches stop working when i wear them


Some people are tempted to say that with the advent of different kinds of mobile phones, which have time on it, the sales of wrist watch is dying out gradually. However, most people will also agree with me that they feel БnakedБ when they donБt have their watch on, as theyБre used to wearing it on a daily basis. How would you feel spending a lot of luxury to buy a watch and then find out after two or three days that the watch has stopped working? I am sure you will take it to the repairer thinking the battery is down. You buy a new battery and in the next few days the watch is off again. Wrist watches are a common fashion accessory for both men and women. However, watches often stop working for unexplainable reasons. At least the reasons appear to be unexplainable to the owners. But the reasons why watches stop working are rather simple. While some damages can be prevented, others are simply unavoidable. What started as a joke compelled me to research on this issue. I was walking with a friend and I asked her what the time was, she responded БMy watch is not workingБ I thought she was kidding me so I seized her hand to verify what she was saying and it was true. She went further to explain how every watch she puts on stops after some few days; something her father is also a victim of. From my research and calls conducted it appears true that some watches stop working on some people, and the reason for such varies from one person to another.


LetБs take a look at some of the most common reasons why watches stop working and what you can do to troubleshoot them. High electric in body On rare occasions, it is the owner that is unconsciously at fault for the watch not working. This is because humans have electrical currents running through their bodies and while it is not at a noticeable level, it does sometimes affect the batteries in wrist watches. Individuals with higher electrical currents affect the batteries. While a person with a relatively low electrical current can wear a functional wrist watch up to a year without problems, a person with higher electrical currents may only be able to wear a watch for two days until the battery is completely drained. This is scientifically proven and although it is not spoken of often, it is a common phenomenon. High acid in a person Some people have high acidity levels in their skin. If a watch is not genuine silver it stops working, which causes skin irritation. For people with more acid in them, the only watch they can use is a pocket watch. You will try all other watches but it will simply stop after some days. I talked with someone with similar problem, (who wants his name withheld) and he has this to say: БI got my first watch at the age of 17 (he is now 45 years) and no matter what brand of watch, if it is one that is worn on the wrist, it will stop.

Excessive sweats To function properly, the inside of the watch needs to be completely dry. This includes dampness and moisture. People who sweat profusely affect the functionality of the watch. This is because sweat that emanates from a person unto the watch deteriorates the seals within the watch. The small and sensitive parts and gears become rusted and irreparable over a small period of time. When this happens you will keep on changing watches every now and then. Wrist watches are more prone to physical damage than any other type of watch or clock. This is because humans use their hands for many practical things and often, wrist watches become a habit to wear, and thus unnoticeable for the owner. If a watch suffers physical damage, it might stop working because something within the watch has become detached or broken. This includes the internal gears or the sensitive mechanisms that make the watch a system. Hereditary Wrist watch will stop working on some people not by any of the above reasons; they just inherited it from somebody in the family. It is either carried from a mother/father to a daughter/son. Mercy Mills is a final year student of the Koforidua Polytechnic and she has this to say: БI use to think the problem was with the watches I buy until my father told me he has similar problem. I have stopped buying them any way. Б Time is very crucial in our daily life and we need it everywhere we go.

Even with the influx of mobile phones, people prefer the use of wrist watch to check the time. So before you throw your watch away or visit the Watch repairer, make sure you donБt have that kind of a body that stops watch from working or perhaps you can also inquire from your parents how long their last watch lasted. Ebo Turkson. sunson505@yahoo. com Ever since I was a child I ve always stopped watches. Well all except for the motion propelled Rolex. Now I m all grown up and a right brained scientist. Usually just use my iPhone for the time. Terrible time management skills. So I saw this cute watch. $5. 00 for the watch but it was for the hospital auxiliary and reminds me of my grandmother s old watch. Naturally it stopped 15 minutes after I put it on. It s cheap, who knows how long it s been in the crate over on the way from the Far East, anyway. So, I go to Rite Aid to buy another battery. Works PERFECTLY! I am thrilled. Especially with my escape from that old wive s tale about stopping watches. Well that was maybe 11:45 am. By 2:15 pm the watch s second hand sadly ground down to a definitive halt within a few minute s time span. [ So was my grandmother correct all those years ago when she said I always had and always would stop watches? She just told me some people were like that; don t sweat it, basically. But in all seriousness isn t that one of the craziest things you ve ever heard?

What on earth would make me stop watches when other people don t? I don t sweat profusely. My electrolytes are normal. I don t often shock people when I touch them like some people always seem to do. This is seriously the 7th or 8th watch I ve stopped in my lifetime – all within just a few hours on putting the watch on my wrist, too. Never worked for more than a day. Guess that means I * NEED * a perpetual motion one. LOL! But in all seriousness I d like to have some scientific explanation for why this keeps happening to me. Don t worry I m going to buy a 10 pack of batteries for the watch, then take it to a jeweler, then if that doesn t work buy a few more higher quality battery time pieces just to PROVE to myself there s nothing wrong with me. I suppose if you want to go with the Boho, psychic theme I have always been an empath. But that s just because I m right brained and am a product of both my environment and genetics. Hmmm. This is a really stupid question but could the problem be that I wear the watches on my left arm??? Really reaching here!! Well I sure am curious for any scientific words from on high. If that doesn t work I m just going to go for the Rolex. I use my mom s at times and that thing never misses a beat. I could get a silver or two toned one. But they re just so pretentious for what I want. Well for now, at least, I m on a quest to make this watch work for me!!! Any help SINCERELY appreciated!!!

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