why is my broadband so slow sky


Hi, that is a significant improvement. Your line attenuation has dropped from 46 to 32dB (that\’s a lot! ), and your noise margin has increased to 18. 8dB, which shows there\’s scope for a lot more speed from your line – something close to 14Mbps, which happily is within the range Sky estimated. It does suggest that there\’s a fault with your internal wiring as a result of which you\’ve been placed on a low speed banded profile by the line monitoring system (DLM).


The new faceplate with built-in filter should put that right. You could also disconnect the extension socket, if you\’re not using it. Once you\’ve fitted the faceplate, don\’t unplug your router and don\’t restart it. DLM
should, but often doesn\’t recognise that the fault has been fixed, and over a few days restore your speed. If it doesn\’t, or if you don\’t want to wait to see if it happens automatically, give Sky a call and let them know that you\’ve identified and fixed an internal fault, but that your connection speed is still well below what they promised.


Ask them to reset your profile manually Have you recently switched to Sky Broadband, or upgraded your package? If you have a new Sky Broadband product, we test your connection over 10 days, gradually bringing it up to fastest speed it can support while still giving you a stable connection. During this time, your speed will fluctuate.

Please leave your Sky wireless router turned on for the first 10 days to help us test your connection speed. If you\’re a Broadband Everyday Lite or Broadband Unlimited customer, you can check whether we are testing your line – sign into My Sky and and follow the View my details link in the My Broadband section to see the Your Service Details dashboard. Look in the Your Connection Details section for information about line testing.

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