why do we eat so much bread

My grandpa always held a slice of bread in his left hand while his right hand held his fork. PA meal was not a meal to my grandpa unless it included my grandma s homemade bread. PHe often used his bread to sop up gravy. POr he would slather his bread with Grandma s homemade jelly or applesauce. PIf there was no bread well, there just always
had to be bread. Let s pause now to give three cheers to my grandma who had nine children, the tiniest kitchen I ve ever seen, and never failed to provide homemade bread at every meal. P She was a rock star. P Grandma made bread like a boss. P(They re compliments, Grandma. PReally. ) P I also grew up with bread served at every meal, likely the result of having a dad who had lived with a dad who always needed to hold a piece of bread in his left hand we ve already been through this. PThus, I began our married life always including a side dish of bread with our meals, which Matt held in his right hand if you can possibly imagine (because yes, my husband is a lefty). Now, of course, there are all the experts who suggest we eat low-carb and others who insist we all need to go grain-free and someday soon like tomorrow there will be a new diet claim that suggests that if we all avoid eating (fill in the blank) we will all be healthier, skinnier, and have a perfect complexion. PI am not interested in a one-size-fits-all diet, fad, or bandwagon becauseP I believe in eating real food, in balance, in its whole form, according to an individual s needs,Pfor the sake of nourishment and good health, all the time. It s not a diet. PIt s a lifestyle. We interrupt this post for some important disclaimers before I share my overall thoughts on eating bread: Some truly need to avoid all grains.

PIf that s you, then do it. Not all grains agree with everyone. PThis is a real thing. My grandpa probably needed more carbs (and food in general) because he was a farmer, doing hard physical labor for many hours every day. PMost of us don t work that hard on a daily basis anymore. I do not believe that bread is evil. P However, many of us eat more bread (and cookies and cakes and muffins and donuts) than we should. PTo say nothing of the empty (negative) calories we consume in white flour products which do very little to nourish us I would suggest that many of us even eat more whole grain products than our bodies actually need. PEspecially if we compare it to the amount of other nutrient-rich food we are consuming like fruits and vegetables. Oh, you knew I would bring up the fruits and veggies. PThe good ol F Vs. PMay as well shorten it to save time since we talk about it so much around here and simply call them freggies, don t you think? Bread (and pasta and rice) can really fill us up, leaving little room in our appetites for other necessary foods that our bodies crave. P(Like freggies. PThere. PI ve used it twice, so that makes it a real word. ) PSometimes we even load our families with grainy foods in an effort to save money as they appear to be an inexpensive, filling food choice. PI totally get it. PI feed five hungry men 3 meals plus snacks every day, and they definitely like grain based foods. PThese foods have their purpose and they are filling. PBut As Pyou think about the food you plan to put on your table, consider theP variety of nutrients Pin the meal. PA spread of spaghetti, corn, and bread offers little compared to a meal of spaghetti, salad, green beans, and cantaloupe.

PSee the colorful and nutrition-packed difference? PIf we re already serving rice, pasta, or potatoes at a meal, we probably don t need bread, rolls, or bread sticks too. PBut an extra side or three of veggies along with a delicious bowl of fruit well Pnow Pour bodies are happy. Fruits and vegetables are the most important part of our meals and snacks. PThe other parts are important too we just need to make sure we aren t going overboard with the bready stuff and neglecting other important food groups. So less bread, more freggies. PWhat do you say? No seriously. PWhat do you say? PWhat are your thoughts on eating bread? PAnd also what do you think of the word freggies? PI am so going to start saying that now. Ya know, IБve never been popular. IБve never done the popular things or been Бin the know. Б ThatБs just not me. IБm not really concerned with that type of thing. I donБt hop on bandwagons and I donБt follow trends. Instead, I tend to prefer the Бold schoolБ method of doing things. I like old stuff. It may be for that last reason that I find this new Бanti-breadБ age disturbing. б Why is everyone on a gluten-free diet? What did bread to do get such a bad rep? It smells delicious Б it tastes delicious Б and it just looks pretty. Let me take a second to say that I realize not everyone can eat bread. I have friends who are severely allergic to gluten, so they donБt eat bread. I also have friends and family members that have medical conditions that don t allow them to eat wheat. I think thatБs the smart and responsible thing for them to do Б they have a hard job and I give them GREAT respect. б I also have family members who are allergic to bees Бso they try to keep their distance.

Does that mean everyone should be deathly afraid of bees? Heck no! If you donБt have an allergy, why not enjoy the lovely gift of bread that God gave us? NOTE: This is my view for my family. IБm not telling you how to live or what to eat. IБm simply giving you the reasons why we eat bread and why we think the anti-bread age is downright silly. If you donБt want to eat bread, thatБs great. Can I have your piece? Here are 4 reasons we eat bread (they might also be 4 reasons why weБre not popular. Ha!! ) 1. Bread is very cost effective. In the big scheme of things, bread products are rather cheap to serve. TheyБre obviously less in cost than meat, dairy, or even vegetables. I can get a 25 pound bag of wheat berries for about $25. If youБre on a strict budget, bread fits in great. Since, I feel good about feeding my family whole grain. ItБs good Б itБs filling Б and we enjoy it. Even if you donБt grind wheat, a 5 pound bag of white wheat flour isnБt that expensive. 2. б We like it. This one is pretty obvious. However, there will be some who say Бjust because I like it doesnБt mean I should eat it! Б YouБre spot on. Just because IБd like to eat a whole loaf of fresh with real butter doesnБt mean I should. First, IБll get sickБsecond, carbs in mass quantity arenБt good for you. But, I donБt think we should deprive ourselves of the things we like. Like bread? Eat it in moderationБjust like everything else.

Like chocolate cake? Eat a piece once (maybe twice) a week Б itБs even better if you make it from scratch. 3. It makes a fast and delicious breakfast. If we had to cut out bread, IБm not sure what weБd eat for breakfast all week. Yes, there are eggs and meat and veggies and fruitБand gluten free oats. But really, I think one would get really tired of eggs or oatmeal all the time Б and our budget canБt take the hit of serving meat at every meal. б So, to make my budget work I make, or. Made with whole grain, theyБre very filling and last us until lunch (except when IБm pregnant and eat every 20 minutes) Б paired with some fruit, breakfast is done! 4. I REALLY believe that God intended us to eat bread. There are several foods in the Bible that God mentions Б honey, milk, wine (ha, ha! ), meat, vegetables, etc. Bread is one of those foods. If bread were AWFUL for us and would kill us and be just the most terrible food we could eat, would Jesus have called himself the Bread of Life (John 6:35)? I donБt think so. He sure didnБt call himself The Sugar of Life or The Jelly Bellyб of Life. In my post about б I had a few people mention that the bread we eat today is not the same that Jesus ate Б so I canБt compare the two. And I know thatБs likely rightБbut IБd be VERY surprised if anything we eat in this age is the same as it was in JesusБ time. Does that mean we should just give up eating altogether? I sure hope notБbecause IБm hungry. So, thatБs why we eat bread, and grain, and gluten. And I just have to tell you, this entire post and all those pictures have given me a rumbly in my tumbly. IБm out.

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