why is my volume not working on my laptop

Thanks for responding to me. so I tried going into the device manager but I really wasn\’t sure what I was suppose to do when I got there. The instructions said to check for conflicts and when I opened the device manager it did not tell me there were any conflicts at all. I did see Sound, video and game controllers but it didn\’t say anything about a conflict or anything like that. It then asked me to ensure that my drivers are properly installed and that the programs that I have recently installed are not conflicting with the drivers configurations. I have know idea how to check these things, sorry.

Also the last things said to check my sound card which I also do not know how to do. The only thing I can give you for more information of what was going on when it happened is that it was working and then I left the computer for a while and no one used it or touched it and when I came back to it the sound had stopped working. I do have anti-virus on my computer Avast! and it says I do not have any viruses. I did have a bad virus fairly recently where they had to wipe out the entire computer, but the anti-virus has said I have not had any viruses since then.

Do you think these things could be related? Thank you again so much for your help!
Rght click on My Computer icon, and select/click on \”Manage\”, next click on Device Manager, next find the Sound Card under sound, video and game controllers, right click, select Properties, and next click on Roll back Driver and wait for the installation to finish. you may be prompted to restart the computer. If it doesn\’t work, repeat the procedure and this time select the Sound Card with the right mouse button, and click on Uninstall, and restart the computer. the Plug and Play service should autoinstall on the sound card driver.

If again it doesn\’t work, go again to the Device Manager Sound Card and this time right click and select Update driver. and next select \”yes, this time only\”. the sound card driver should install and if it doesn\’t repeat the procedure again but this time select the \”No, not this time\” option and next select the \”Install the software automatically (recommended)\” option. If still nothing, repeat the procedure and select from the sound card Update driver the Manual driver installation option: No, not this time next Install from a list or specific location (advanced), next Don\’t search, I will choose the driver to install, and select the driver from \”Show compatible Hardware\”, click next and wait for instructions to restart the computer.

Still another option is to unckeck the \”Show compatible hardware\” box and select another driver manually. If the appropriate driver is not listed, you may need to download it fresh from the manufacturer\’s website. with your computer make and model, or motherboard make model if the computer is homebuilt, or with the Sound Card make model if it\’s a PCI/PCIe card.

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