why is earth known as the blue planet


Earth is the only planet we know of in our that humans can live on. No other planet has, other life forms, and enough
to comfortably. Because we have so much water, Earth is called the Blue Planet. From space the oceans combined with the atmosphere makes the planet look blue. About 71 per cent of the Earth is covered with water. Earth is the only planet where water can exist in liquid form on the surface. Even though we have water coming out of our ears, only one percent of it is drinkable. Most of it is frozen or salty. Earth is the fifth largest planet and the third planet from the with only and being closer. It\’s about 24,920 miles around Earth at the. That means it would take 33,000,000 people holding hands to reach all the way around. The land on Earth is made of several plates and at one time all of these plates were joined together, making it possible to walk from one side of the Earth to the other.


Plates are individual pieces that are so the land keeps drifting apart slowly. Today there are seven distinct land masses known as continents. A thousand tons of dust falls to Earth every day. Only 11 percent of the Earth\’s surface is used to grow food. Wind carries over 100 million tons of grains around the Earth every year. That means if you live in the United States, you could have sand from the Gobie desert in reach you. is the coldest place on Earth. The entire continent is made of ice. AMC Networks will premiere : with a scheduling roadblock on all of its channels. The first episode of the seven-part series bows Saturday, Jan. 20, on, AMC, IFC, WE TV and Sundance TV; after that, the remaining six episodes will run weekly on BBC America.


Blue Planet II has already aired in the UK, where it is the highest-rated show of 2017. More than 14 million viewers tuned in to the premiere, making it the country s most-watched natural history program in at least 15 years. Blue Planet II is also a massive hit in China, where it recently premiered. Blue Planet II will also debut in Canada on Jan. 20, on the BBC Earth Channel. Read More: Like the recent hit Planet Earth II, Blue Earth II is presented by and scored by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. James Honeyborne is the producer. Planet Earth: Blue Planet II is rare, event television, an extraordinary series we are so proud to launch as a premiere simulcast across all five of our national networks, said AMC COO Ed Carroll.

AMC Networks prides itself on being a premiere destination for extraordinary storytelling in all of its forms, and this remarkable exploration of our natural world from the BBC is storytelling at its finest. Blue Planet II was produced over four years and filmed on every continent via 125 expeditions and 6,000 hours spent underwater. Among the highlights: Producer Orla Doherty and her team were the first humans to dive 3,280 feet into the frigid waters of the Antarctic; methane volcanoes 2,000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico; and creatures that live seven miles down in the ocean. The experience is a magical and transcendent trip into unexplored worlds, said BBC America president Sarah Barnett. Read More: Here s a new trailer for Blue Planet II. Sign Up:

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