why do u want to become a pilot


You have to ask your self many questions before choosing your career path, regardless you want to be a pilot or something else. In the early days of my life I was influenced by my father s Work, and guess what! he was a pilot too! But that doesn t mean that I took things for granted in my choice! Nevertheless I did my search about the job and asked many of my father s colleagues about aviation. So let me make it simple and tell you how to build your decision! 1- Being a pilot means you have to travel, that means you are not staying in one place, your life is dynamic and not stable in one location. Even the companies now a days, have rights to move you from one base to another. So you should be ready to move from one place to another, before your bag. 2- Traveling on duty doesn t mean that you have enough time to visit the place you travel.


Many flights have short lay overs about 24 hours. But if you have a chance to go out you will experience natural beauty, different cultures where you can enhance your knowledge about the world????. Most important don t forget to have rest and get adjusted to the new place. 3- Job opportunities! Check where are the chances for a pilot after getting your license. Is the market open? What about your local airline, are they open for recruitment? Is there any chance to find any airline that provide you with initial training on Any Jet type like airbus or Boeing? Just keep things in mind and be always aware about what next. You don t want to spend money for nothing. 4- Money and salary! Many people think that pilot is the most paid job in the world, Ok let me tell you something, This is not the case all time.


In starting of your career you will not be paid as you expect. it will come with time, well the most famous saying knowledge and skill come with experience so as the money ratio in this case, and don t limit your options. 5- being a pilot you should be a multitasker. Are you willing to have a different office? Under different circumstances and dealing with different people every flight! You will be surprised some people like stable jobs and are not looking for something dynamic, and exciting. 6- Pilots have annual exams. Trainings, lectures, courses. They are responsible to stay up to date. They need to have the knowledge through out their career path. So if you don t like to study and being in touch with books, you are in wrong place. 7- Pilots have to maintain a certain minimum health standards, they have medical checks every year and they have to pass it to keep their medical license up to date.

This is one more challenge
8- Pilots live in a time challenging and stressful atmosphere. But that could be a challenge or normal thing to people, It depends what is your character and how you take things. There are always more reasons to think about before choosing your career! Look for the facts, search around, ask working pilots, experience if you can, And don t forget the passion which drives you towards your goal Good luck for future Aviators. And remember The only way to do great work is, to love what you do. I\’m interested to hear from those who are going to be pilots why you want to be one. Below you will find my reason. People always ask me why I want to be a pilot. I\’ll tell you why. To me, flying is something you have to have a passion for.

Not anyone can say they can\’t wait for that moment when the wheels leave the ground and you are doing something that man has always dreamed of doing. How many people can say that they wake up somewhere over the Atlantic ocean to the first faint light of dawn to greet them? You have not lived until you have soared off into sunsets you can\’t even begin to image. Or the feeling of looking out over the world at night from 35,000 feet and seeing the lights of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston all at once. But perhaps the greatest feeling of being a pilot is the absolute freedom you feel. You are on top of YOUR world. The sky IS the limit. And coming in on finals in the last waining moments of the day and knowing that in the morning you get to get up and do it all over again, I can\’t think of a better job in the world.

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