why is my urine cloudy and smells


What is normal urine? What does it mean if the urine is cloudy and with a strong smell? In most cases, there is a simple reason for cloudy or strong smelling urine. As mentioned before, food, medications and the amount of water you drink can affect the color and smell of your urine. Urine also tends to be cloudy first thing in the morning since no liquids were drunk for several hours. This is totally harmless and is caused by the build up of phosphate crystals. If you eat a large meal or drink a lot of milk that is high in phosphates, your urine may turn cloudy as well. Cloudy urine may also be caused by the presence of bacteria, mucus, and white or red blood cells or even ejaculatory fluid. Unless your urine is persistently cloudy and is accompanied by other symptoms, there is no need to worry. What are the symptoms to look out for? If you suffer from any of the following symptoms along with persistently cloudy and / or strong smelling urine, contact your health care provider at the earliest:
Pain along the back, abdomen and sides Swelling of the legs, arms, and face Symptoms of dehydration such as dizziness, fatigue and dry mouth If any of the following symptoms occur, contact 911 immediately as these may signify a life-threatening medical condition: Confusion, hallucinations, delusions, lethargy or delirium What are some of the possible reasons for cloudy urine?


Cloudy urine in men and women may be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. These include: In females, cloudy urine if accompanied by a strong odor may signify a vaginal yeast infection or bacterial infection such as Candidiasis. What is the cure for cloudy urine? Addressing the cause of change in urine color is your first priority. Eliminate the foods you suspect may be causing the problem for a few days and check to see if there is any difference. If not or if the cloudy urine is accompanied by any of the warning symptoms, contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. In most cases, a simple course of antibiotics can clear up the underlying infection and remedy the situation. What are the complications that may arise? Depending on the cause of cloudy urine and strong odor, several complications may arise if the condition or underlying medical reason is left untreated.


It is important to minimize your risks by following the treatment plan as prescribed by your doctor or else, cases of cloudy urine may lead to life-threatening conditions such as: References: http://www. umm. edu/patiented/articles/what_symptoms_of_urinary_tract_infections_000036_3. htm#ixzz1wqL1gocG http://www. health. harvard. edu/newsletters/Harvard_Womens_Health_Watch/2010/June/urine-color-and-odor-changes Category Urine typically has a straw-yellow color although this may vary at times to a pale yellow or slightly darker yellow. At times, urine may be almost clear in color especially in a person who is urinating frequently like when using a diuretic (water tablet), consuming alcohol and drinking excessive amounts of water. Read more on. Although there may be variations in the shade of yellow, urine is almost always clear and transparent or at least translucent. This means that light can pass through it clearly or is slightly diffused. Cloudy urine, however, is almost opaque and may have a murky appearance to it. Sometimes cloudy urine may have a more mustard color bordering on a yellowish-brown hue. What does cloudy urine mean?


Cloudy urine is a sign of pus in the urine (pyuria) which is associated with an infection. Pus is composed of white blood cells, cellular debris, necrotic tissue and pathogenic microorganisms. Most urinary tract infections are bacterial in nature and upon microscopic examination (urine cytology), these bacteria will be visible. Sometimes, cloudy or murky urine may be due to the presence of urinary clasts, protein, blood cells (whole or fragments), mucus, epithelial cells or an excess of normal components of urine. Phosphates and urates may cause the urine to appear cloudy if it is left to stand for a period of time although initially the urine is clear. Cloudy urine that has a foul odor (fishy), especially if it is accompanied by a foul urethral discharge, is most likely due to a urinary tract infection. However, a lack of odor and discharge does not exclude an infection as a possible cause of cloudy urine. Sometimes vaginal discharge may mix with urine in the toilet bowl and contribute to a cloudy appearance. With men, the retrograde flow of semen (retrograde ejaculation) into the urinary bladder may also contribute to a murky appearance of the urine.

Most are ascending bacterial infections. This means that the bacteria enter through the urethra and the infection progresses up to the bladder and may also affect the prostate gland in men. Viruses, fungi, protozoa and other parasites may also be responsible. Most of these infections may be due to bacteria found in the bowel or skin, or it may be sexually transmitted infections. UTI s usually present with frequent urination, burning pain upon urination (dysuria), urgency to urinate and pelvic discomfort or pain. , Pyelonephritis Although most cases of cloudy or murky urine are due to a urinaryP tract infections, a number of renal and metabolic disorders may contribute to cloudy urine. Apart from abnormal vaginal discharge due to an infection, the urine will not have a foul smelling odor, although a strong odor may be reported in some conditions. Below is a list of other conditions that may contribute to a cloudy or murky urine, or result in similar disturbances of the urine color and consistency. , ( ), Hyperphosphatemia kidney failure, hypoparathyroidism, diabetic ketacidosis

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