why do we have days months and years


What is a year? A Earth year is the time it takes the earth to make one orbit of the sun. How long does it take the Earth to orbit the Sun? The Earth\’s orbit around the Sun takes 365. 24 days. A \’day\’ is defined as the Earth spinning
once on its axis. An Earth year is 365. 24 days, or 8,765 hours, or 526,000 minutes, or 31. 6 million seconds. Why do we need to have one extra day each 4 years? calendar with the seasons of the year. If we didn\’t, then eventually, the months would flip around, and the northern hemisphere would have summer in January, and vice versa. The Earth takes approximately 365. 25 days to go around the Sun, yet our calendar year is 365 days.


To fix this, we put on extra days in some years, called leap years. Every 4 years, we have a leap year to add another day to the calendar to make up for the 4 missing quarters. In those leap years, a year lasts 366 days, and not the usual 365. Six days might be the most they could force people to work before giving them a day off? (The French tried 10 day weeks and that was too long between rests for most people) When we became more civilized we let the wage slaves take two days off.


It\’s coincidentally the closest number of days to 1/4 lunar cycle and the length is a capitalist\’s wet dream (a third of an extra payment in a average month is little enough to make people who don\’t like math not care but could be almost the entire profit margin, an oppressed peon who doesn\’t have enough to pay the whole month up front can now be oppressed even more while the price still superficially looks fair. I still meet people that don\’t realize how big an extra third of a week a month is, then I tell them that there are 52 and 1/7th and change weeks in a year and only 48 quarter months and they\’re like oh sht, I never thought of that before. ) What?


It may have started out as the closest integer to the length of a quarter lunation but I suspect that it being the absolute perfect length to squeeze as much as possible out of worker (ironically, mostly chattel slaves) and buyers made it catch on in Ancient Rome. I\’ve heard that Rome did some experimention on week lengths and found out that the 7 day work rhythm was the best (though maybe the good jobs like architect had two days off just like today and the laborers had one? I don\’t know).

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