why do we need to study philippine government and constitution

Philippine literature has a strong prehistory and consists of workfrom many subcultures of the land. As a result, people can develophistorical knowledge and gain new ideas from studying literaturefrom the Philippines. A people\’s literature is a reflection oftheir culture. The Philippines has a rich literary tradition thatdates back from pre-colonial times. It covers a variety oflanguages, forms and expressions. In summary, Philippine should be studied for the following reasons:. To learn about Philippine history and traditions. We need to study Philippine Literature so that we can betterappreciate our literary heritage. Like other races of the world we need to understand that wehave a great and noble tradition.

As a Filipino who truly love abd take pride in our culture, wehave manifest our deep concern for our own Literature.
The American Constitution is the document by which our country operates. Along with the Bill of Rights, the Constitution dictates the laws of our land and the rights of its residents. Thus, in order to help our country progress properly in the ever-shifting present, we must study the Constitution to familiarize ourselves with this country s roots, the source from which change can emerge. Here are some additional reasons why studying the constitution is useful. Know Your Rights: As an American, it is crucial to know your rights.

The fastest way to learn these rights is to study the Constitution. Written during the revolutionary times, and revised as progress demanded, the Constitution dictates what is legal and illegal for all United States citizens. Protect yourself against fines and arrests by learning this country s rules. Understand the Legislative Process: Do you ever wonder how the government imparts new laws? The Legislative branch of the United States government, consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives, create new laws by reevaluating, questioning, and defending the Constitution daily. Thus, studying the Constitution is a great way to familiarize oneself with America s current governing laws, to help one better follow the moves made in contemporary politics to change these laws.

Justice System Knowledge: Have you ever found yourself in legal trouble? If you have, you know that the entire legal process can be incredibly confusing, stressful, and expensive. Instead of simply relying on your lawyer s legal knowledge, educate yourself about how the judicial system works. Study the Constitution and Bill of Rights to better understand where your case s facts really fall in the eye of the court. Participate in Change: Would you like to help rewrite our country s laws or participate in preserving the judicial system? To change the rules, you have to know those rules.

Studying the Constitution is the best way to learn how the American government operates. From there, you can decide which laws you agree or disagree with, further directing you toward what kind of bills you would like to draft. This knowledge opens doors through which you can make your mark on this nation and truly impart change. Would you like to study the Constitution? offers quality courses, teaching students everything they need to know about the Constitution, our country s history, and its rules and regulations. Here, students engage in open dialog about our great nation s history, to help build an educated community of Americans, ready to change the world for the better.

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