why do we need to study philippine drama


Literature is an extraordinary communication of the literates. It is a refined communication. The communication may be through the characters, stories, essays, poetry or the fiction or any other kind of of it. It is an art. Not all people can reach up to it. It is as special by itself as the science is. It is liked by the common man to well literates for the value of it. Literature mirrors the life, culture and civilisation of the people.


The thoughts of the great becomes part of the literature. The feelings of happiness or pain of common man also may become its part. The ideals of the history, science or the society can can also be a glorified as exemplary through literature. The language probably attains its ultimate through literature. It thus can take everything in its range and create a world of us within itself.


Therefore, before making any study of mankind, we go through the the literature it created. Hope this helps! Monkeymad103 Knowledge can be gained, but the true answer is pleasure. Literature opens the mind, and transports the soul, at times.
While the indigenous language of the Philippines is Tagalog, it was not until the Spanish government brought free public education to the archipelago in 1863 that literacy became widespread and literature became a possible area of emphasis in the Philippine culture.

Early Philippine poems included corridos and awit, two types of poems meant to provide entertainment and edification. \”The Panunuluyan\” was written in Tagalog and is the dramatization of Mary and Joseph\’s quest to reach Bethlehem. \”Cenaculo\” dramatizes the final day of the life of Jesus Christ, while \”Salubong\” puts the meeting of the risen Jesus and Mary on the stage.

Secular dramas included \”The Karagatan,\” which is a play about the courage of men trying to win the hand of a young woman. Modern writers of note include Claro Mayo Recto and Wenceslao Retana in essay and drama, as well as Guillermo Gomez Wyndham and Antonio M. Abad in fiction.

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