why do we cry when we are angry

There can be a number of reasons why you cry when you are angry. In my case, it can be when I am emotionally overwhelmed. Anger and sadness can overlap and being pushed to the edge like that can make you cry out of frustration. When the same problems keep finding their way into your life and you feel like you have a lack of control, then that frustration can lead to crying. That\’s what I\’ve had. It can vary from person to person, different people may have different reasons. The important thing is to understand that it\’s okay to cry when you need to, there is no shame in that.
\”Don\’t cry because it\’s over, smile because it happened. \” в You are having an argument with your son about him not doing his chores. Maybe you\’re angry because this is the third time this month you have had to wake up and take out the trash, practically chasing the sanitation crew down the street.

This is not the only chore he has neglected. The dog hasn\’t been fed or walked by anyone but you in over a month. He is on his phone with his friends or hanging out with them at the local burger shop and sometimes not making it home until after curfew. You have warned him, cajoled him or maybe you\’ve just had it with this guy. Today is the day that you have scheduled the Come to Mama meeting and you have a checklist in your lap ready to go. You are so angry and justifiably so! You\’re so mad that you hope you don\’t cry while telling him how you\’re feeling about his bad behavior. Source: pexels. com Anger: Emotion or Reaction? This happens to many of us: we cry when we\’re mad. We get so angry with a friend, family member, or a situation or person at work.

In the midst of stating our case, the tears start to roll down your face. You feel flushed and your face may even turn red. You\’re afraid that you may lose the argument when your eyes start to well up with tears. Why do we cry when we get mad? How is it that some people can get angry and never shed a tear? We would like to be like those folks, but we are not. So, crying in the process of being angry makes us feel weak. One of the reasons we struggle with the fact that we cry when we\’re angry is that most, but rather a reaction. Anger is seen as a reaction to something someone else has done. When angry, there is often an action that takes place – slamming of doors, shouting, throwing things, and sadly even physically assaulting someone.

There are so many different ways people act during an angry episode. We lose sight of the fact that anger is a legitimate and real emotion; it is a part of the human experience. Source: pexels. com Most of us would rather hit something or even someone rather than be reduced to a sobbing mess in front of our opponent. For some bizarre reason, violence is equated with strength and emotion is equated with weakness in our world. If we \”angry criers\” will look at our track record, we might see that we resolve more differences than those who act out violently by yelling, blaming, or hitting. Crying is Okay People who cry when they are angry probably also cry when they\’re sad, and even when they\’re happy. Crying is a to feeling emotions. Violence occurs when people who are mad feel they are being punished.

This punishment could be an or maybe they are ridiculed by peer groups for daring to tear up when chastised by a teacher or in a schoolyard altercation. The next time you have a sit-down with a son, daughter, husband, or even your boss and talk about something that has upset you or even angered you, bring on the tissues. It is okay to feel angry because anger is a human emotion. Crying is a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with your feelings. Source: pexels. com Even though anger and crying are both normal reactions to feeling intense emotions, if you \”find that you are angry or crying for \”no apparent reason,\” you may need to to help resolve the issue. There are online therapists who can help you work through the best ways to release anger, even if that involves crying at times.

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