why does my laptop keep freezing windows 8


Windows 8. 1 laptop keeps randomly freezing
Acer laptop MAJOR boot freeze problem. Occurs on Windows 7,8. 1,10 Laptop freezes in windows 7 AND windows 8. 1 I am on windows 7 trying to download 8. 1 but only loads to 37% I think it freezing doen t know much about computer Laptop after about 10 min almost becomes unresponsive.


No sound in any application/website, Windows notifications freezing Windows 8. 1 and 10 Freezing – At the end of my teather and close to buying a mac!! Windows 8. 1 DVD install freezing on first boot screen Computer Freezing During Windows 8. 1 Personalisation Setup Windows 8. 1 issues with scanning and freezing I have been given a laptop by a friend, the computer model is R510dp-fh11.


Specs are AMD A10 5750M, Radeon 8670m 2gb, 8gb DDR3 Ram, 750 gb hard drive, windows 8 pro.

My problem only shows up when I try to run almost any program. The problem began a few months ago when I installed Windows 10 Home, so I thought it was a Windows Issue, so I wiped the drive and reinstalled the old OS (Windows 8). The programs I am trying to run, are things like Adobe AfterEffects CC 2015, Photoshop CC 2015, Premiere Pro CC 2015, and Google Chrome or even internet explorer (Yes I am dead serious about that last one, I am desperate).

If anyone has any suggestions or have had the same issue and knows a fix, PLEASE HELP ME.

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