why do tornadoes form in tornado alley


What is \”Tornado Alley\”? The land in the central United States is the best breeding ground for the storms which produce tornadoes. The land in the Great Plains is relatively flat, which allows cold dry polar air from Canada to meet warm moist tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico.


It\’s along the front between the two airmasses that most tornadoes. Most tornadoes in the United States form in an area called \”Tornado Alley\”. This area includes parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. travel to this area because of the high concentration of tornadoes.


These tornadoes are formed by. Some of the tornadoes in the southern states such as Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia are caused by.
Oklahoma is particularly vulnerable to tornadoes, lying inside the so-called \’Tornado Alley\’, stretching from South Dakota to Central Texas.

The geography and climate of the region frequently create the conditions for huge thunderstorms – with warm, wet air blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico meeting cold, dry air coming from the massive Rocky Mountain range, hemmed in by air masses on the eastern part of the country.

Three-quarters of the world\’s tornadoes occur in the United States – around 1000 per year – but the patterns of how and when they will strike are still difficult to predict. David Shukman reports.

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