why is my toddlers poop bright green


When there is green diarrhea, parents usually are concerned. Luckily, green poop is nothing to worry about usually and the treatment is easy – give more food. What causes bright green stools (poop, poo)? Bright green poop (poo) is usually caused by lack of food. Often when infants and toddlers are unwell they don\’t eat much. This is especially true when your toddler or infant has. Often, because of vomiting and diarrhea, children are only given clear fluids – while this is the correct treatment initially, food can usually be started within a few hours. Sometimes, children only get clear fluids for up to 24 hours or more. In these cases, it\’s not unusual for the diarrhea to become bright green. This is because bile that the body makes to digest food has nothing to work on so it comes out in the stool (poop, poo). Bile is bright green. We often refer to diarrhea that is bright green as \”starvation stools\”.


Should I be worried if my child has bright green poop? No. If your toddler or child hasn\’t been eating much, encourage him to start eating again. This will use up the bile and the diarrhea should settle and the green poop will cease. How can I prevent bright green loose poop (diarrhea)? When your toddler or infant has gastroenteritis, do not stop normal food. If he is vomiting, you may need to give clear fluids, (such as Gastrolyte, Dioralyte, Pedialyte or Rehydralyte) for a few hours, but resume feeding as soon as possible. In the past, doctors often advised clear fluids only for 24 hours. We now advise early feeding within a few hours of the gastroenteritis starting.
Parents tend to become upset and concerned when they observe that their kids have green stools. There is no need to panic; and more often than not, the symptom is quite harmless. Green stools may occur due to the presence of unoxidized bile in the stool, or because of something that the kid ate.

In case the green stools are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, or any other symptoms, they it could be a cause for worry. What can Cause Green Stool in Children? Ingestion of Food Dye в Food dyes and artificial additives like food colors, added to popsicles and colored drinks can cause bright green stool in children. Eating Lots of Green Vegetables в Kids who eat a lot of greens (spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, etc) may show signs of green stools. Diarrhea or watery stools are usually green. The stool turns green with diarrhea because it is moved too fast through the intestinal tract. Consequently, the stools do not contain any bile, (a normal component of stool), does not get oxidized and hence does not turn yellowish brown. Bacterial infections are the chief cause for diarrhea in children.

In breast fed babies, the occurrence of green stool is relatively normal, more so, immediately after delivery. In older children, eating colored non food items, such as crayons, can also turn the stools green. Furthermore, those kids who have been put on to iron supplementation also tend to have green stools. Administration of antibiotics and laxatives also cause green colored stools. When your child is feeling fine and the only symptom is the color of the stool, with no diarrhea, vomiting or fever, there should be no need to go to the doctor. However, parents must observe how the condition progresses, monitor what the child eats and keep an eye for the development or manifestation of any other clinical feature. Invariably, stopping the offending agent (food colors, undue iron supplements, etc. ) reverses the condition automatically. Green stools that are preceded, accompanied, or followed by fevers, chills, and signs of illness need immediate medical examination and aid.

If you observe green stool for 4 to 5 days successively, medical intervention is essential. Your doctor will analyze the stool sample for abnormal changes and presence of bacteria. He may also prescribe certain tests such as; stool culture, blood tests, X ray and colonoscopy. The treatment for green stool varies depending on the symptoms, the etiological factor and diagnostic results. In case, green stool are accompanied by diarrhea, your physician will recommend guidelines and dietary measures to battle dehydration. Consuming plenty of water and fluids is the crucial aspect of the management plan. Lime water, barley water, juices and soups ought to be a part of the daily diet. Changes in the diet plan along with medicines help boost the digestive health and restore normal GI functioning.

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