why does my keyboard not work on my laptop


1st : your plug are too shabby or if it\’s a wireless keyboard, batteries are down. 2nd : Try go go to Start menu / Control Panel / Ease of Access / Keyboard and uncheck all that is checked, then restart
3d : try using a (USB) keyboard if you can\’t afford it, when you start your computer press all the keys on the keyboard but make sure you press the following first : Num, Lock Caps Lock, Scroll Lock then try to press as much as possible util the Welcome screen pops up. 4th : If nothing still work you can still use the Visual keyboard (virtual keyboard or OSK / On Screen Keyboard) : Start button / All Programs / Accessories / Ease of Access / On-Screen Keyboard.


Hi, this morning i was using my laptop with no problem.

Then i closed my laptop screen and it went to sleep but when i opened it again by flipping the laptop open my keyboard stopped working.

I tried a few things to fix the problem but they didn\’t work. – Using windows Troubleshooting to troubleshoot Power and keyboard. However some of my FN keys work, like change the screen brightness and turn on airplane mode but some FN keys like changing the volume and Home/End buttons don\’t.

Device manager says that my keyboard is working properly. – Im using an MSI GP60 and heres my keyboard – Heres a picture of my Device manager

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