why do we need a balanced diet ks2


This could be used prior to learning about the properties of the different food groups required by the human body to function correctly. It could be used to revise the main groups before sorting food types and discussing their purposes in a balanced healthy diet. The clip makes connections between food intake and energy output that could then lead to investigations into calorific values. The pupils could use a range of food packets carrying energy information to identify those highest in energy.


They could then try to identify how the energy they consume is used during the day. They could create a chart of the sorts of fuels used to heat their homes and run their cars. They could then graph who uses food energy to get to school as against petrol energy.
In this KS2 Science quiz we take a closer look at healthy eating, nutrition and a balanced diet – all vital if we want to maintain a healthy body.

Healthy eating is about the balanced diet your body needs to keep it in good condition. We all know that eating things like crisps, chocolate, sweets and soft drinks alone would be bad nutrition and would not make up a healthy diet. They\’re ok in small amounts but we need other things – fruit and vegetables, proteins, vitamins and minerals for example – in a balanced diet.

It\’s important that we eat a variety of foods to get all of the nutrients we need to stay healthy. But what, exactly, is needed to be healthy? Why are vitamins important and in which foods can we find them? See how much you know by trying this quiz on healthy eating and nutrition.

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