why don t christians celebrate jewish holidays


I\’m very confused. My name is Michael J. I am 19 years old, and I hope to become a deacon some day. However, there is one topic that I just can\’t get answered. I know that Jesus was the King of the Jews. He was circumsized and celebrated holidays such as Passover and Rosh Hosannah. I understand that the other Jews did not believe that he was their messiah. I also understand that that\’s why Jesus tried to spread his word about God so that they would follow him. However, as current Catholics, we don\’t celebrate the same holidays as he did. As King of the Jews, he did not tell us to create a completely different religion other than Judaism. He just wanted us to all be better Jews. At least that\’s what I\’ve been told. So why, then, don\’t we call ourselves Jews? Why don\’t we abstain from eating meat on the same special occasions that Jews do? Why don\’t we celebrate Passover? Afterall, these are the same traditions that God\’s people have celebrated since the beginning of man as it is explained in the old testament of the Bible. I feel that Catholics are neglecting God\’s earliest teachings.

I just want to become the best Catholic and child of God that I can be.
As a Christian do any of you observes Jewish holidays? If so which ones? And how exactly do you observe them? We re Christian, and starting observing the biblical holidays several years ago. I distinguish between \”Jewish\” holidays and \”biblical\” holidays. the biblical holidays are the main 7 God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai. You can find all 7 discussed in the Torah. The Jewish holidays include other holidays, like Hanukkah (though we also do that one), Purim, and several others. I don t think there s anything wrong with those others, but for us, it s enough of a challenge to do the 7, since we don t have a community of like-minded observers. We don t go all-out for any of them like I would like to. Like I said, we don t live in a community where this is common, and so many of those holidays are geared toward community observance. Even in my family, it s considered foreign and a bit strange. Oh well. For Passover, we have a special meal.

I try to include lamb, and we sometimes do a Seder. Passover is immediately followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread. I clean out my house of leavened bread and baking yeast (I don t go beserk on this, though). We eat matzah with at least one meal a day that week. The first and last days of the week of ULB are rest days, so we take those days off of school and housework. During that week is the Feast of Firstfruits, and if I m on my game, we have a special meal that day, too. All 3 of these are in the spring. Fifty days later is Shavuot (aka Pentecost). We have a special meal on that day, and it s also a rest day. In the fall is the Feast of Trumpets (nice meal, rest day), Day of Atonement (rest day and fast), and Feast of Tabernacles (rest day on 1st and last days). For Tabernacles, we also camp out in our back yard. Well, now that the kids are out there with us and the baby is still sleeping in the house, we just camp out on the back porch, LOL. But we ll eventually get back to the tent when all the kids are old enough to be out there together.

ETA: I also blow the shofar on Feast of Trumpets. I have one that my mom brought back from Israel a few years ago. We also observe the Sabbath (and no, we are not SDA, in case you were wondering). When I m on my game, we spend some time talking about all of these days as they happen, and we do special things. The past few years, I haven t really made it the priority it should be. I ve done what I consider to be the bare essentials and just kinda let it slip by. I need to do better. But even so, the kids have picked up on some of our traditions, and can carry on an intelligent conversation about some of it. If you want more ideas, check out. Let me know if you have more questions (pm me, in case I forget to check this thread before it gets buried). The biblical holidays can be a prime teaching opportunity, and really bring those Bible stories to life for the kids! I love how all of the holidays tie in to both OT and NT stories, and also point to future events. Enjoy! Edited by By Grace, 28 December 2011 – 08:56 AM.

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