why do they say gingers have no soul


When you search Бwhy do gingersБ on Google, autocomplete comes up with some imaginative suggestions Б worryingly, this is what people ask for the most when it comes to redheads. БWhy do gingers smell? Б
БWhy do gingers get bullied? Б БWhy do gingers burn? Б БWhy do gingers exist? Б (particularly harsh). But the one that caught my attention was БWhy do gingers have no souls? Б Brexit has made UK more racist, UN representative says Whenever I dyed my hair ginger as a student Б because I thought it looked pretty Б IБd be subject to the comeback БYeah but youБre ginger, you have no soulБ. Where on earth does this ridiculous statement come from? Some say that the myth popped up in England and parts of the US, as an anti-Irish sentiment.


Others attribute the claim to a South Park episode where Cartman gives a hate speech against gingers, describing them as being disgusting, inhuman, unable to survive in the sunlight and having no souls. This led to a YouTube user going by the handle CopperCab posting a video against the South Park episode and arguing in defence of gingers. During the Middle Ages, a child born with red hair was thought to have been conceived during БuncleanБ sex, or during menstruation. In ancient Egypt, redheaded men were sometimes burned alive as a sacrifice to the gods. Redheads were particularly persecuted during the witch trials in Europe between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, as the colour was linked to the devil and the pale skin most redheads have was seen as deathly and unnatural.

Unfortunately, prejudices from centuries ago are still around today, with South Park most likely having an impact on the myths being allowed continual growth. More: As for the other Google autocomplete questions Б gingers exist for the same reason you do, they obviously donБt smell any different to other people, theyБre probably prone to burning more in the sun because of their pale skin, and itБs pretty clear they get bullied because of all the ancient prejudices still being used against them. In other words, stop bullying redheads. ItБs time to go and kiss a ginger. MORE: MORE: It\’s about rarity. If there\’s something about you that\’s very different from the norm, that difference can lead people to negative attitudes towards you.

While, oddly enough, \”Aryans\” seem to have gotten by just fine in most parts of history. Anyways, I\’ve made a few jokes about gingers towards my red haired, freckled friend. It was all in good humor though, more mocking the idiots who treat it as such a big deal than anything else, plus he\’s taken the ball and ran with it, every time someone cracks a ginger joke, he laughs maniacally and talks about how they\’re going to take over the world. Though, personally I just think it\’s part of the whole \”Bully and sand castle\” psychology, where some few people do incredibly cruel and/or stupid things if they have even the flimsiest excuse for it. \”Mom said we have to get going!

That sand castle was going to go down anyways, so I kicked it! \” I don\’t exactly think it\’s a remnant of anti-irish sentiment, but more or less some people just genuinely want to be douches, and if they have an excuse, any kind, any kind at ALL, no matter how flimsy or unfounded, they will take it and clutch it tighter to them than they would their newborn child. Personally I at least attempt to avoid the whole racist humor thing. I generally prefer casual snarkiness and a quick wit. Honestly, I try not to be bigoted to most people, I just find it to be– Even Objectivists would say that freedom of speech ends when you assault someone. –Well, except for those people, let\’s not mention Objectivists in a thread they don\’t need to be in.

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