why is my rogers internet so slow

What is referring to is the use of Broadcom chips within newer Asus and Netgear routers which can cause problems as the chip functionality is poorly understood. Broadcom has implemented Cut Through Forwarding (CTF) and Flow Acceleration (FA) in some cases within their chipset, which basically routes external IP address data to local LAN IPs at the chip level. This is a feature found on higher end Broadcom products and it is now filtering down to the home router level. The result of enabling CTF and FA to support data rates above 100 Mb/s is that various router features are no longer available as they require processing to some degree by the router processor. This loses the fast path through the router and also routes the data to the processor for some type of processing, which further slows the throughput rate. That includes items such as QOS or traffic monitoring.

There are about half a dozen functions that are not compatible with CTF, so, the router is either used to go really fast, or used for it\’s functionality. Thats a personal choice that each Asus and Netgear user has to make these days. Within the Asus firmware there is a Hardware Acceleration (read CTF) enable / disable function available. Additionally, if you select some of the functions you might see a warning that the function is incompatible with CTF. The last time I looked the Netgear routers did not have any enable / disable capability and did not have any explanation in their user manuals. I\’m assuming that one might have to do a complete resest of the router in order to regain the CTF functionality or, possibly its all automatic. There wasn\’t any explanation, so I\’m speculating here. Bottom line, with or without the Broadcom chipset, you will probably not be able to use the various router features and high data rates at the same time, no matter what router you use.

So, that is something to have a look at. I would do the following. Log into the modem, navigate to BASIC. GATEWAY FUNCTION tab and disable the Residential Gateway Function. Save the settings, which will cause the modem to reboot into Bridge mode. Before you do that disable the wifi as it appears there is a possible bug in the wifi LED control causing the modem to light one or both of the front wifi LEDs while in Bridge mode. The modem however is in Bridge mode and does not transmit a wifi network. After the modem reboot, connect the router, power it up and run a complete firmware reset. That will start the modem from a clean start. After the router reboots log in and set the modem password and wifi parameters as you require.

Do not turn on any other function at this point. If there are default functions enabled that you don\’t need, by all means turn them off. When the wifi parameters are set, run a speedtest, wired and wireless to see if you are ahead at this point. Hopefully so. With a fast router, you shouldn\’t really need QOS, so leave that off for test purposes for now. If you enable any other function, run a speedcheck after that to ensure that you are not inadvertently killing your throughput rates. With the modem in Bridge mode and the router running in router mode with the pc behind the router, you can still log into the modem by using 192. 168. 100. 1 as the login address. That allows you to reset the modem back to Gateway mode by enabling the Residential Gateway Function, and also to check the cable signal levels should the need arise, without changing any physical connections to the router or modem.

Can you let us know what router you have?
I have the extreme package with the unlimited add-on. I have had this problem for about a month now, my internet speeds have been stupidly slow. I have called rogers many times and wasted many hours of my time trying to fix it. Each time I call I have to spend 45 mins running the same tests I ran the last time I called. Then they send a technician out. He says signal strength is strong, resets the modem a bunch of times till he finally gets a decent speedtest result then leaves, only for the internet to go back to what it was before he came. I read somewhere that the nextbox can have a signal interferance with the modem? should I move the modem to a different location? Any other suggestions, Im ready to leave rogers, and I am too frustrated to call back. here is my speedtest result.

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