why do we get lower back pain


1)PPPPPPPPPPP 3D4Medical 9)PPPPPPPPPPP BSIP / Photo Researchers, Inc. 10)PPPPPPPPP Scott Camazine / Photo Researchers, Inc. 20)PPPPPPPPP Zephyr / Photo Researchers, Inc. REFERENCES: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: \”Low Back Pain Fact Sheet. \” American Academy of Family Physicians: \”Lower Back Pain. \” National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases: \”Back Pain. \” American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: \”Low Back Pain. \” Sherman, K. Archives of Internal Medicine, October 2011. Cherkin, D. Annals of Internal Medicine, July 2011. Cherkin, D. Archives of Internal Medicine, May 2009.


Bratton, R. Am Fam Physician,PNovember 1999. EurPSpine J, September 2016. P ,P2015. P Spine or vertebral : A break to your spine can be causes by a hit to the back, a fall, or if you have, a condition that weakens your bones. Sprains and strains : Injuries to ligaments, muscles, and tendons that support the spine and its joints can lead to back pain. This often happens when you lift something and twist at the same time. It can also happen because of car accidents and. Spasms : You can get these when muscles and tendons are torn in your lower back. They usually happen when youБre weightlifting or playing sports. Back pain can be brought on by things you do — or don\’t do — in your day-to-day life, like: Being Not DonБt underestimate the power of feelings to bring on pain.


Stress can lead to muscle tension in the back, and and may make the pain feel even worse. Arthritis: This is a joint disease that causes stiffness, swelling, and. : This typeб of arthritis happens when your cartilage and bones break down. This most often affects people from middle age onward. : This is a type of arthritis that affects your joints and ligaments along the spine. , or curvature of the spine: This is usually something you have from birth. If thereБs pain, it typically starts in mid-life.

Pregnancy: The you gain when youБre expecting can strain your back. Tumors: In rare cases you can get them in your back. TheyБre usually spread by a that started somewhere else in your body. , a buildup of uterine tissue outside the uterus) or discitis, infections in the bones and discs of the spine, a condition that causes widespread Depending on the cause of your pain, your treatment could include lifestyle changes, or possibly surgery. Talk with your doctor if your back isnБt feeling right. He can help you discover whatБs causing the hurt and can help you feel better. б 2018 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

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