why do we get fever after vaccination


protect your child from serious diseases like, and. But like all medicines, they can sometimes come with side effects. Most of the time, these reactions are normal and harmless. Knowing whatБs common and whatБs not will help put your mind at ease after your childБs next round of shots. These drugs are made using parts of the diseases they protect your child from, but they donБt cause the disease itself. They tell your childБs body to make
proteins called to fight off those diseases. For example, after a for, if your child were to come into contact with the real illness, her body would recognize it and have the right tools to attack it. Mild reactions after a vaccine show that itБs working. These symptoms are a sign that your childБs body is making new antibodies. Normally, these reactions go away on their own within a few days. The most common effects you might see include: Sometimes the DTaP and pneumococcal vaccines can cause other reactions, like: These are also normal side effects that should go away without any kind of treatment.


If your child is allergic to certain vaccines, youБd notice signs that something is wrong. Typically, these reactions happen quickly after a vaccine, within a few minutes or hours. A good rule of thumb is to watch for anything that seems unusual, like mood or behavior change, or. Severe reactions are rare. Only 1 in 1 million children have them. Still, itБs important to know what symptoms your doctor needs to know about, so you can get help for your child. like Another sign of a possible problem is if your baby or child cries uncontrollably for 3 hours or longer. In extremely rare cases, some vaccines may lead to, long-term seizures, or permanent. These are unlikely reactions. In fact, doctors are trying to find out whether these and other serious side effects were caused by vaccines or for other reasons. If you notice any serious symptoms that concern you after your childБs vaccines, call 911 or get your child to a hospital right away. б 2017 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved. Is fever after vaccination normal in babies? (Baby-care query) A bout of fever after a vaccination shot isn\’t always a sign of danger.

We tell you why. We opted for painless DTaP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, tetanus) vaccination namely Pentaxim for our daughter. On the same day В the doctor also injected PCV or pneumococal conjugate vaccine to the baby. Both the injections were injected on either thighs of our daughter. After that we went home, we discovered that she was suffering from high grade fever which kept fluctuating between 101-103 degree F. Is fever after vaccination normal or does it indicate a problem? В Under normal circumstances fever after a vaccination shot is common and should not be a cause of concern. Remember that fever helps the body s immune system to fight infections. Fever after a dose of vaccination can persists for three days before going away. В Keep her hydrated with enough liquids like water, fruit juices and obliged demand feeding breastfeeding or the bottle. Also read If you notice that the fever is bothering your baby, making her irritable and restless then record the temperature to be sure before you start any treatment.

The normal temperature in a healthy child can range from 96 degree F to 100. 8 degree F. If your daughter s temperature records anything beyond 101. 3 degree F, you can offer her paracetamol or ibuprofen drops especially formulated for babies, though it is best to consult your doctor once before you do that. Your doctor might have also suggested medications to treat fever after vaccinations. Never administer medication beyond the recommended dosage. В Extreme tiredness in your baby, which makes her sheepish all the time She has pain in the stomach, ears or limbs Else you can be rest assured that the fever will not harm your baby in any other way. You may also like to read: В В For more articles on baby care, visit ourВ section. Follow us onВ andВ for all the latest updates! В For daily free health tips, sign up for ourВ. And to join discussions on health topics of your choice, visit ourВ. В

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