why do they put air in chip bags


A massive amount of people aspire to conduct their search for a new home on HGTV\’s House Hunters : The reality show gets 100 to 200 applications per week. Couples and families who appear on the show are rewarded with a chance to find their dream home, not to mention a shot at
fame. But is there money in it for them, too? The answer is yesБalthough the sum is probably much less than you think. Would-be homebuyers are paid a mere $500 to appear on House Hunters Бnot even $500 each, but $500 per family. The per episode, on the other hand, is $45,000 to $50,000. Yup. The $500 stipend gets even more depressing when you think about how much time these couples have to put into the show: Each 23-minute episode takes about to film, spread out over three to five days. Prospective homeowners spend six hours at each of the three houses. The rest of the time goes toward before-and-after interviews and footage capturing their daily life, from spending time with family to going to work.


The Things broke the $500 payout down and found that a couple who films eight hours a day for five days makes a paltry $6. 25 an hour per person. And speaking of work: People usually have to take days off from their jobs to film, so they potentially lose money by being on the show. And we haven\’t even gotten to the time you spend applying before you even get cast. If your online application is selected to move forward in the process, next up is a phone interview, lots of paperwork, and shooting a 10-minute. That\’s a lot of work. At least your meals are paid for when you\’re in production. One contestant that the director paid for her family\’s lunch every day and even took them out to dinner one night. Plus, they got access to those sweet, sweet craft services snacks. There is actually a contingent of onscreen personalities that get paid even less than the homebuyers: the realtors. But while they don\’t get that cold, hard cash, they get a ton of publicity.

It\’s common for reality show contestant to be. Of course, if it\’s a competition show, there are big payouts for the winners. Big Brother pays a weekly stipend of about and then shells out a grand prize to the champion. American Ninja Warrior contestants don\’t get paid a penny if they. So, what have we learned? If you\’re looking to make a fortune, don\’t bank on a career in reality television. Have you got a Big Question you\’d like us to answer? If so, let us know by emailing us at. You know those jumbo shrimp you just ordered at the restaurant? Chances are theyБre prawns. But put the word jumbo in front of anything and we Americans are bound to buy it. Similarly, dry cleaning isnБt really dry. Instead of using water to clean the fabric, the launderer uses an equally wet solvent called perchloroethylene. Does Бdry cleaningБ sound so much better than Бwet cleaningБ? Some launderer thought so. In this article, weБll demystify a few more intriguing business practices.

WeБll reveal the magic employed, the common sense practiced, the manipulation perpetratedБand arm you with facts you can use to protect yourself. Why do chip companies put so much air in their bags? To dupe us into thinking the foil bags are filled with chips? Actually, no. In fact, the bags donБt contain oxygen. TheyБre filled with nitrogen. Oxygen would quickly turn the chips rancid. The nitrogen preserves the freshness of the chips, prevents combustion, and creates sufficient cushioning during shipping so the chips donБt get crushed. Still feel ripped off? HereБs a consolation: NASA reports that bags of potato chips taken aboard super-modified jets respond to the sudden change in air pressure soon after takeoff by exploding. Cool! Why does Walt Disney World seem larger than life? Because all those athletes go there following the Super Bowl? ThatБs one reason. Now hereБs the correct one: Walt Disney ingeniously used an optical illusion called forced perspective to enhance the magic of Magic Kingdom.

For example, when you enter the park, the street narrows into the distance, creating the impression that the shops stretch forever toward the enormous castle. When you walk back down Main Street, U. S. A. to leave, the reversed perspective of the widening street makes the Walt Disney World train station appear closer, tricking your brain into thinking the walk is short. Likewise, the buildings lining Main Street, U. S. A. look several stories tall because the windows, awnings, signs, and fixtures higher up are significantly smaller than those on the ground level. The same goes with the castle. It stands a mere 189 feet high and yet appears almost Empire StateБesque. ThatБs because the windows, turrets, and fake bricks decrease in size as they near the rooflines. Disney also designed the top spire nearly half the size it should be to seem twice as tall. After all, as with shrimp, bigger is better. More:

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