why do you need a facebook account to use spotify

Open the Spotify desktop app. In the top-right corner, click, thenВ
Settings. Under Social, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK. Note: Itвs not possible to complete these steps on mobile. Donвt see this option? This means you created your account with Facebook, so itвs not possible to disconnect. In this case, you need to switch to a new account: If your current account is on a Premium subscription, (you can resubscribe on your new account). Note: If you have the, you wonвt be able to apply it to your new account until 12 months have elapsed since you signed up for it.

Go to and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE at the bottom. Note: Itвs not possible to have two accounts with same email address. If youвd like to keep the email address associated with your old account, you first need to. Any saved music and playlists will still be on your old account, but you can save / create them again on your new account. After spending about fifteen minutes of frustration and rebellion trying to figure this out I\’ve found the solution.

Truly. I decided I no longer want to use Facebook, but actually really like spotify for its functionality and convenience. And I\’m a premium user with low income that would be hard pressed to sacrifice the $10 AND all my playlists just to create a second Spotify acct that isnt linked to FB. 1. )Open the spotify app on your desktop, go into the \’Edit\’ dropdown menu and click \’Preferences\’. Then uncheck all boxes that imply sharing spotify activity on other networks and apps, namely facebook. 2. )Go to Facebook Account Apps and remove spotify and be sure to choose the option to remove all history of your spotify activity. 3. )Deactivate your facebok account (if you wish to do so). 4. ) Go to [ and create a password for your devices.

So from now on when logging into spotify you will be required to use the assigned username which consists of numbers rather than your email or a username of your choosing. Fortunately your email will still be associated withy our spotify account for updates and whatnot. Enjoy, i hope this was helpful!!!

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