why do you need a credit card for paypal


They ALL SUK. I was stuck with a PayPal acct by an online service that wanted to move away from rewarding users with checks. Fine. So, for some years, I\’ve been thinking I have a PayPal acct. Unti I decided to actually USE it, this past week. Now all this credit card BS, and in the meantime, my eBay seller is probably PO\’d. That\’s bad enough, but I then spent probably over half an hour trying to deal with an eBay associate. They essentially told me they could care less if I wind up with a bad review. Worse, they had NO alternative for me. I have more than 3x the amount necessary to make this transaction, but they totally wouldn\’t assist or simply approve things. Now, I\’m more PO\’d, having discovered this press release online, from just October 2009!


I want to know why the moron **bleep**ing with me couldn\’t have just told me this piece of information. Much like the email button on eBay, this is very conveniently unpublicized and nearly hidden, but it sounds like a fair compromise for all of us without credit cards, debit cards, or anyone not wanting to be **bleep**ed over in financial dealings:
Another way to work with PayPal: New PayPal and Green Dot Agreement Allows More Customers to Shop Online SAN JOSE and MONROVIA, Calif. в Oct. 5, 2009 в Green Dot Corporation and today announced a new agreement that will allow U. S. consumers to load money directly to their PayPal accounts using Green Dot\’s.

This will enable people to shop anywhere PayPal is accepted without the need for a bank account or credit card. MoneyPak can be purchased with cash at a retail store, then the money can be loaded directly into a PayPal account and used to shop online anywhere PayPal is accepted, including eBay. MoneyPak is available at more than 40,000 stores nationwide, such as Walmart, CVS/pharmacy, Kmart, Rite Aid and Walgreens. The new agreement provides a convenient option for customers who prefer to use cash when shopping. MoneyPak has been fully integrated into PayPal\’s site, allowing money to be added directly, without needing to link to any personal financial accounts. THREE days of intense searching out an alternative, because I have no credit card, and I won\’t give them access to a primary checking account, and FINALLY I came across this info.

Good luck to everyone. Hmmcould be an error on Zazzle\’s web site causing it, so the first thing I\’d do is try clearing the browser cache and all cookies, then quit and restart the browser to try it again. If you\’re not using IE, try using it instead of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, since Zazzle claims they designed their site for IE. If that still doesn\’t work, I\’d send an email to both PayPal and Zazzle\’s support departments and ask them to get their act together and solve the problem. If they want your business, they have to make it work for you.

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