why do you miscarry at 8 weeks


Hi all,
I have never posted on a forum before and I am not sure what I m looking for on here, perhaps comfort with confirmation that others believe my decisions are being guided by good advice. I went to my GP on Tuesday 20 June 2017 for a confirmatory urine test and blood analysis. I had an ultrasound on Monday 26 June 2017 but unfortunately I received bad new – there was no fetal heartbeat. This was confirmed by transvaginal ultrasound. Results were as follows: CRL 15. 34mm 8w0d Mean Sac Daimeter 1. 42cm 6w3d The ultrasound technician said that measuring 8 weeks with no fetal heartbeat meant that I had had a missed miscarriage. I had already scheduled an appointment with my GP that afternoon for the blood test results so I attended that appointment to discuss the outcome of the ultrasound.

My GP didn t appear to know much about these things (I guess they can t know everything) and had to ring the hospital to see what to do. I didn t really get any results of the blood tests except that my GP said in passing that HCG levels appeared low, 2,000. I was referred to a gynecologist who discussed options for removal of the products of conception from my body. That sounds clinical, but I assure you he was very sensitive about these matters. He didn t appear to have any doubt that that was what was required and he did look at the ultrasound results. I have a D C scheduled for this Thursday 6 July 2017. Am I doing the right thing?

Does no heartbeat at 8 weeks when the sac diameter is measuring 6 weeks and there is low HCG mean that no heartbeat will ever appear and I have definitely had a missed miscarriage? I guess I just want to be sure about what s going on, and understand. I hope that everything turns out okay for you OP. However I had a blighted ovum that turns out to be a missed miscarriage. The longer it stays the more complicated things get. If you don t start bleeding straight away I would only give it a week tops and then go for a D C. I had a blighted ovum and a sac that measured 4. 5weeks but I didn t start bleeding for at least three weeks later and that bleeding was heavy and lasted for six weeks. At one time I had to go to hospital as the pain got too much.

Then I didn t pass all the contents and it took until the next AF to do that and that was heavy too and then it took another three cycles before everything came right. I recommend a D C as it gets everything over and done with so you can move on. A natural miscarriage only serves to prolong things. I remember the anger that I came out with nothing in the end but had the bleeding of a full term pregnancy. When you get that ultrasound if there is no HB there should be an indication of how close the blood is to the cervix – if there is no sign then that should tell you that your body is holding to the products of conception and natural miscarriage is not imminent.

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