why do you love her and not me


Be honest about your feelings. Do you actually love her or is this lust or infatuation? Could you stand losing her friendship? Do not be friends with her in hopes that you can change her mind about you. This is unfair to her as friendships should be based on trust and respect. If you truly love her, you will be a good friend first and foremost. Analyzing your own feelings can be difficult but there are a few scientifically proven signals that may indicate whether youБre in love. Do you exhibit any of these feelings? If you believe that she is unique, it may be because your brain has elevated levels of focus and attention. If you think that she is perfect and only focus on her positive qualities, it may be because your memory has increased to accommodate your new feelings of love.


If you feel like youБre a wreck over your new love, it is because research has shown that being in love involves similar brain activity to being addicted with similar mood swings. Going through adversity can also make you fall in love because your brain produces more dopamine, a chemical responsible for reward and pleasure. If you feel you are obsessing over her it may be because your brain has decreased the levels of central serotonin, which is associated with obsessive behavior. People in love have also shown signs of emotional dependency in which they want to be together all the time and hope to stay together forever.

When youБre in love you may feel like youБll do anything for her because you have a greater sense of empathy for the woman you love. Studies have shown that being in love is about an emotional union, not about sex. Studies have also shown that people in love feel that their love is uncontrollable.
Be as specific as possible. Compliments shouldn\’t sound like you got them off the Internet. If you want your compliments to ring true, you need to make them specific to your partner and use lots of details to make them really mean something. How to compliment your partner? Compliment your partner. Instead of saying, \”I like your body,\” say, \”I like the way you walk and the way you move.

When we\’re walking through the park and it gets breezy, I like the way you tuck your hair back and keep walking while you do it. \” Instead of saying, \”I like your personality,\” say, \”I like when I can tell you\’re getting annoyed with something someone says and you get all fidgety and quiet and shoot me a look. I feel like we\’re really close when you do that. \” Instead of saying, \”I like your sense of humor,\” say something funny with your partner to share in that sense of humor. Say something like, \”I like the way you eat peanut butter straight out of the jar when you think no one is looking. It really turns me on,\” or something else that will make them laugh.

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