why do you hiccup when you drink


Of course, you can get hiccups from drinking
anything too quickly. But, as Gina Sam, M. D. , told Shape, drinking alcohol is particularly hiccup-inducing, since \”alcohol promotes acid reflux and that could [irritate] the esophagus. \” This could, in turn, irritate the vagus nerve within the esophagus, which triggers those dreaded hiccups. Something else to keep in mind: If your libation of choice is beer, champagne, or anything carbonated, the additional air could also cause hiccups, which is yet another reason to opt for.


Related: If you wind up with a nasty case of hiccups, there are plenty of suggested out there, both of the scientific and anecdotal variety. Dr. Sam also said that a case that lasts longer than a day or two is cause for alarm в so if you\’re concerned, call your doc. Hey, if all else fails, you could give a try. Click through to Shape for answers to more of your major health questions. ( Related: The cause and function of hiccups is unknown, but they can be brought on by drinking alcohol.

There arenБt really any official cures for occasional hiccups, but many folk remedies can stop a case of the drunken hiccups quickly and easily. Trying one or more techniques will usually take care of the problem so that you can get back to living it up. In the future, you can try to prevent hiccups by avoiding excessive food and alcohol consumption, carbonated beverages, sudden changes in temperature, sudden excitement, and emotional stress.

You should also stop consuming alcohol when you try to get rid of your hiccups; overconsumption of alcohol can have potentially fatal consequences, and stopping your drinking for the night will help you avoid the negative effects from drinking too much, including the hiccups.

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