why does your face itch when growing a beard


During those first few weeks, it may be rough dealing with the itch. Here s a
5-step plan on how to manage it. PManyPof these steps are important even afterPyourPbeard itch is gone, too. 1) Clean your beard. Every day, the human face sheds thousands of dead skin cells and up to 50 beard hairs. On other parts of the body, these cells and hairs fly away, but a beard catches them and holds them close to the skin, which can agitate it, causing your face to itch. Regular shampoos are meant for head hair, not androgenic beard hair. Many regular soaps and shampoos come with waxes that can clog pores and dry skin out, making beard itch even worse. Thus, it s important to use a cleanser designed for beardPhair. Thankfully, you can buy formula designed for beards, including tar-basedP PorP Pthat can help with red chin skin and flaking. 2) Repair your beard. 3) Condition your beard. 4) Moisturize your beard. Why Do Beards Itch? Beards itch for two reasons. First, when you first start growing a beard after having shaved all your life, your beard hairs are sliced off, leaving a sharp edge on the hair. If you shaved really close to the skin, then the beard hair can sometimes get sucked back into thePfollicle. This means that as it grows, it scrapes the edges of thePfolliclePas it comes back out,PcausingPitch. The above image is a photo of beard hairs growing, as captured by an electron microscope. These hairs would be seen as stubble, or 5 o clock shadow. As you can see,Pthe ends of each beard hair strand are sliced completely off, leaving a sharp edge ring around the follicle. This sharp edge scrapes your follicles as it grows out, and scrapes your skin when short, causing beard itch. The above image was taken with a regular microscope. This is a hair that has not been cut. As you can see, it has a naturally tapered end that does not cause friction against your follicle as it emerges.


The above image is an electron microscope scan of the ends of beard hair. The one on thePleft was cut using a. The one on the right was cut using an. While both cut ends will irritate your skin, the one cut by an electric trimmerPwill make your beard far itchier. Look at how gnarly it is. Look at all those many points of contact the hair will have with your face. While trimming a beard with an electric razor may be more convenient, it will produce an itchier beard. If you must shave, use a straight razor. Second, if you have a full-grown and manly beard, but it itches, this is due to a combination of dry skin and a wiry, scraggly beard. If your beard is not moisturizedPor conditioned, it will get dry, brittle, and coarse. During the course of a day, it will rub againstPyourPcheeks and chin, causing irritation and itch. In either case, the cure is to go throughPthePsteps I outlined above. Moisturize your face, and soften beard hairs toPsoothe your face irritation. ENJOY YOUR BEARD. Image Sources Microscopic beard stubble: Man scratching neck beard: Beard kiss: Itchy beard: Microscopic cut beard hairs: Tapered hair: When you, most people expect it to be plain sailing. I know I did when I first started growing one. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are that can get in the way of having a great beard. The major one is the dreaded beard itch. Time and again it occurs and this often leads to guys shaving off their facial hair before itвs even got anywhere close to its full potential. This needs to stop. Thatвs why I have put together this blog post, that explains how to stop your beard itching. Use beard oil If youвre growing a beard and not using the likelihood of experiencing itchiness increases massively. Why? Like the rest of your face, the skin underneath your beard needs to be moisturised. However, the products that you use for your face wonвt suffice, as it will just get stuck in your hair and simply wonвt reach the skin.


Thatвs when such as can start to occur. Thankfully beard oil was invented. Whether, or areВ , (I havenвt taken the plunge yet! ) by applying it correctly, you can be sure that it reaches the skin beneath your beard, so it can stay moisturised. Brush regularly is not just a case of rubbing it into your beard and hoping that it reaches your skin. If only it was that easy! In order for this to happen, you need to make brushing an essential part of your grooming regime. Using a will help to evenly distribute the oil throughout your beard and ensure that it reaches the skin underneath. If your beard is on the shorter side, I would recommend using a comb instead. But thatвs not all! Brushing your beard regularly also encourages the hair to grow downwards, rather than outwards. Not only does this make it easier for you to maintain it, you can also reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs в a common cause of beard itchiness. Shampoo your beard (but not too much! ) I shouldnвt need to tell you that your beard needs to be washed from time to time. But how often should you do it? A lot depends on the type of work that you do. As a general rule, if youвre outdoors a lot, you will need to wash yours more than someone who works in an office. As I work indoors, I tend to only wash mine once a week. This may not sound a lot, but I found that the problems started if I washed it more than this. Shampooing your beard every day will strip the natural oils from your hair leaving your skin feeling dry, sore and itchy. My advice would be to experiment yourself and see what works for you. But whatever you do, donвt use the same shampoo that you would use on your head. The two types of hair are very different, so only use a product that is designed specifically for beards for your facial hair. Watch your shower temperature Shampooing is not the only thing you will need to take into consideration when washing your beard.


The temperature of the water is also important. If youвre like me, youвll like nothing more than having a boiling hot shower in the morning. However a hot water temperature is not good for your beard, or more importantly, the skin underneath! As explained in this article by, the heat from the shower actually softens your skinвs oil and like butter, it melts away when heated. В Without this oil protecting your skin, the moisture can quickly disappear leaving it dry and itchy. Look, Iвm not saying that you must have freezing cold showers every day. I mean, who would want to do that?! What I find helps, is to wash my beard with cold water before having a shower. This helps to balance out the heat and will ensure that your skinвs oil has protection from the increase in temperature. Avoid beard split ends Now this isnвt for everyone I must admit. There are plenty of guys out there who have grown their beards out wildly and not had any problems. Lucky them eh? However, sometimes problems can occur as your beard gets longer. One of the most common issues is split ends. This is when individual beard hairs split into two or more hairs, leaving your beard feeling rough and itchy. Luckily avoiding them is relatively easy. All you have to do is ensure that you follow some simple steps as part of your beard grooming regime: Limit blow drying в A hot blow dry can definitely damage your beard hair. A cooler setting is more advisable! Use beard oil and balm в This will help to keep your hair soft and healthy and therefore less likely to split. Avoid cheap plastic combs в Because of their rough edges, these arenвt designed for facial hair,. Trim your beard Whether you use a beard trimmer or scissors, this is a quick way to get rid of any split ends.

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