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A child of today is the future of tomorrow. It is often said that if the right kind of education is given at the young age then that will result in producing matured and complete adults. Now, what thus one means by this right kind of education? Well, the right kind of education is not only the ones that a child may get by reading a book or passing a class. It is much more than that. A right kind of education encompasses of a balanced mixture of right moral along with right kind of religious and social education. This proper balance will help a young mind to grow up into a responsible citizen of India. The earlier the better The need for the religious as well as the moral education for the young ones is an absolute necessity. Now, many may argue that why is that so? Well there are a lot of reasons for incorporating these aspects of education in the curriculum of the primary school. When a child from the childhood itself is taught about the morals of righteousness and justice then it is no doubt that the kid will grow up and exhibit such a personality which is not only good but best. This is not only an advantageous factor on a personal level but the impact of this kind of education is quite farfetched. The effects of the education India is such a country where many philosophers were born.


That is why in this country one can find an array of teachings which teaches the human beings to be sublime and walk on the path of positivity. These teachings help in bringing out the best in an individual. Not only the notes of philosophy but also many religious notations emphasises on the same fact. That is why when the moral or the religious teaching are given to the young ones then it can be easily expected that they will grow up to be those parsons who are by nature positive and are pure at heart. The kids exposed to this kind of teachings will grow up to be the individuals of the society and with their right kind of upbringing they will spread the words of virtue among all. That will again help in creating a society which thrives on positivity and good moral values. And, it is no doubt that it is a kind of social environment all hopes for. Have fun while learn It is very well understood that there is a need for the moral and the religious teachings to be incorporated in the curriculum of the primary school. The problem in this whole process is that they little kids may get bored when they are taught about these virtues. However, teaching them in a fun way can solve this problem and help them in in-taking the real meanings of the teachings.


And, it is no doubt that the teachers and the parents both have to join hands in this effort if they want their kids to live in a society which runs on high moral value. Tags:
Does religious education have a place in American schools? ThatБs something that. Szego noted that religion Б specifically learning about religion, rather than actually practicing faith Б is quite vital for understanding the worldБs history and fully grasping multiple cultures. There are many benefits to learning about religion. And schools in the United States Б which have been mediocre in recent years, Б may also reap rewards for instructing about faith. It improves brain development. that religious children are more likely to believe fictional tales and have a tougher time separating fantasy from reality. But thatБs not all that bad. Believing in fiction and having a creative mind can be beneficial in brain development. Psychology Today, for example, found that. It keeps kids out of trouble. For schools worried about disciplining children in the classroom, religion can help with that. have been written about how religion can help families cut back the Бjuvenile delinquencyБ within families,.

Religious schools do better than public or charter schools. Though teaching religious classes doesnБt exactly make a school a religious one, itБs still important to note that religious schools tend to do better than public or charter schools. found that religious schools do better for a number of reasons, like pushing their students to take more rigorous classes and that the general environment and positive morale encourage better learning. It helps kids develop psychologically. from a psychological standpoint for young kids. Dr. Erika J. Chopich wrote that kids need to believe in something greater to fully push themselves to excel. It would help Americans read more. In fact, 28 percent of Americans said they read a book in 2013, according to The Huffington Post. But religious classes require. Scriptures, biblical text and other forms of spiritual reading are constantly seen in those classes, and it may push Americans to do a little more reading. It helps students learn a bit more about themselves. found that religious classes have a significant amount of benefits, including that they help kids learn more internally about themselves and how they feel about God and religion.

This helps them move past those questions and identity crises, the study found, to focus on other issues. Religious majors are more likely to be employed. A business degree may sound like a good idea, but a religious studies major might be even better. that there are less unemployed religious studies majors (2. 5 percent) than there are business majors (7. 5 percent). It can help further your education. In college, majoring in religious studies can push you to get even more degrees,. Many religious studies majors will go on to doctorate programs. Others will use the skills gained in religious classes Б like critical thinking and analyzing texts Б as a foot in the door. It can help American businesses. American companies are experiencing a new trend. The happier employees are, The Atlantic reported. And, religious belief and understanding makes people happier. It can knock down depression. ItБs no secret that Б and sometimes itБs not even noticeable. But religion can knock that down, sociology expert Rodney Stark noted in his book In an interview with Deseret News, Б and those with strong conservative and religious beliefs Б are less likely to be depressed. Email:

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