why do we study management information system


Management Information Systems (MINS) is the study of how technology can be used to solve business problems and create new business opportunities. The MINS program at Chico State focuses on a mix of applied computer systems knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, and a practical business orientation to produce graduates who have technical savvy as well as a deep understanding of business functions and processes. According to a 2012 U. S. News World Report, 5 of the top 10 jobs in America (Software Developer, Database Administrator, Web Developer, Computer Systems Analyst and Computer Programmer) are in the Information Systems area.


Employment in these IS-related occupations is expected to rise 30% between 2010 and 2020. With a global shortage of skilled people in information and communications technology, the salaries for MINS graduates are amongst the highest enjoyed by Chico State graduates. MINS may be right for you if you have the right stuff, including
The best way to predict the future is to implement it. – David Heinemeier Hansson Studying management information systems can provide you with essential knowledge to ensure that how company manages information systems with the highest level of efficiency. In recent years, information technology in various industries has evolved substantially.


This technological boom allows creation, storage and transmission of information. Studying management information system is going to make you understand the role of information technology in the company. The kind of IT programs that your company use may affect the decisions that you make in the structure and strategies of your organization and customer relationships. With your background on key concepts in MIS, you will be able to strategically use control and implement modern information systems that include business software. Areas of study Information Systems involves the analysis and design of systems, including areas such as computer networking, information security, database management, and decision support systems.

Information Management deals with the practical and theoretical problems of collecting and analysing information in a business function area. Topics include business productivity tools, applications programming and implementation, electronic commerce, digital media production, data mining, and decision support. Data Communications and Networking deals with the telecommunication technologies that are increasingly important in today s world.

Primary focus and some details: To understand the applications of MIS in organizations. To appreciate how technology can help to improve decision-making in organizations. To appreciate how technology is used to integrate the business disciplines. To introduce students to business cases, so they learn to solve business problems with information technology. To introduce students to the strategic applications of technology. To introduce students to the issues and problems involved in building complex systems and organizing information resources. To introduce students to the social implications of information technology.

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