why do we have commercials on tv

I haven\’t had \”television\” since October of 2010 and I don\’t miss it for a second. I don\’t watch the news, I don\’t sit through endless commercials, and I don\’t pay a bunch of money for crap I never watch. The only way I could see paying for satellite or cable is if you\’re into watching sports. That being said, ads are more frequent depending on what you\’re watching. Football? Tons of ads. Watching a television show? Some ads.

For every hour of television I think there is around 14-15 minutes of ads. For 30 minutes I think you\’re looking at 8-9, depending. That being said when you look at something like Japan we are pretty much in line with them for how long our content runs. I\’ve seen some (illegal) streams of something RAW from the UK and there were a ton of commercial breaks in that so I\’m not really sure America is egregiously worse than anyone else in the US. I would also say that when your station is the BBC (state run television) I am sure its pretty easy to guarantee there isn\’t a commercial but when it\’s a wholly private entity you don\’t have those assurance of \”we\’re always on, no matter what because the taxpayers paid for it\”.
Make sure to.

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