why do we have turkey on thanksgiving


It\’s one thing that historians don\’t seem to be able to agree on, even though there\’s considerable evidence for turkeys being a popular dinnertime menu item for centuries. When it comes to the very first Thanksgiving, you\’re talking about a harvest celebration that happened in 1621. There are only two eyewitness accounts of what happened during that three-day feast: a letter written by Edward Winslow and sent back to England and a written record from Plymouth\’s governor, William Bradford. While Winslow doesn\’t mention turkeys at all, \”And besides waterfowl, there was a great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many, besides venison, etc. \”
That seems to indicate pretty clearly that turkeys were at least there, but it doesn\’t sound like they were the main dish. In fact, he never actually specifies that they were eaten at the feast. There are that were mentioned by the chroniclers of that first Thanksgiving, and those dishes include venison and \”fowl. \” That likely refers to goose and duck, and fish and lobster probably formed a huge part of that harvest festival meal, too. There were no pies (those weren\’t a thing yet), but there were plenty of root vegetables and pumpkins in a depressingly non-pie form.


As for the centerpiece of the meal? There may not have been one. It did last three days, after all, and that\’s a lot of feasting to get through. Not to mention the cleaning afterward. When you\’re cleaning up your own kitchen this year, think of those poor people without dishwashers. Turkey has been the meal for Thanksgiving dinners for several years now. Actually, most people will not feel at peace if the Thanksgiving dinner passes without them feasting on turkey. Have you ever asked yourself why turkey meat is often related to Thanksgiving dinner and not other sources of protein like fish and chicken? To satisfy your curiosity, below is a brief history of turkey for Thanksgiving, and a few reasons why most people consider turkey to be a must meal for Thanksgiving. According to most American households, Thanksgiving without turkey is not Thanksgiving. Turkey has been the meal for Thanksgiving for a very long time. The tradition has been passed on from one generation to another.


It is actually one of the American traditions that have refused to go away. The first ever Thanksgiving is believed to have taken place in 1621 by the pilgrims and Native Americans, with turkey as one of the meals. It was served alongside other kinds of meat like chicken, duck, and fish. However, these other meats were slowly erased from the scene, with turkey remaining as the main meal for most households during the Thanksgiving. There are numerous ways to cook turkey meat. It all depends on peopleŠ²s preferences and traditions passed down to them. The numerous recipes encourage people to carry on with the tradition of feeding on turkey for Thanksgiving. However, over time different families and households have evolved the recipe for preparing a turkey meal. There are over 60 recipes for preparing turkey during Thanksgiving. Whichever recipe you choose, be sure to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. Most families can afford turkey meat because it is relatively cheaper than chicken. Furthermore, the large family gatherings during Thanksgiving may be very expensive to feed, especially if they opted for other sources of protein like fish or chicken which are relatively expensive.

With turkey, a large number of people can be fed without necessarily breaking the bank. Besides being pocket-friendly, turkey is also readily available and also easy to hunt turkey compared to geese. Nothing excites a family gathering than a large bird on a dinner table during Thanksgiving dinner. One turkey is enough to feed the whole family. A small family could possibly feast on turkey for several days. Turkey is also easy to prepare, just roasting for a few hours in the oven before it is ready. You really do not have to keep watching over it as it roasts. You just need to time it in the oven then continue with some other tasks. In conclusion, the benefits that come with eating turkey and the rich tradition of sharing turkey has endured all the years and became the ideal meal for Thanksgiving Day, unlike other kinds of meat that offer the same nutritional value like turkey meat. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving will most likely carry on for many more years, perhaps until all the turkeys in the world are eaten.

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