why do we need to study the environment


An education in Environmental Science provides students with an understanding of Earth s living and physical environment, processes that operate within the environment, as well as the nature and mitigation of human impact on the environment. Through the application of scientific tools and principles, environmental science addresses a variety of issues related to our everyday needs and the environment in which we live from local to global scales. Environmental Science is unique amongst the sciences through the application of all scienctific tools to the natural world furthering our understanding of the environment. If you wish, you can specialize in a variety of concentrations through the application of the scientific tools of geology, geography, chemistry, biology or physics. Field work, an essential facet of the study of Environmental Science, is part of the EES curriculum from second year onward. Labs provide hands-on experience and many courses offered include a lab component from 1st year on. An Environmental Science degree provides the appropriate background training for professional schools, including law, medicine and business administration (MBA program), as well as those who wish to pursue studies at the graduate level.
Earth, our home is a truly a unique place providing us not only what we all need to survive but also delivers the destructive forces with great furry.


History full of this events of creation of destruction, and man has been at the forefront of understanding this life drama since antiquity. The reason to study environment science as then has always been the same, survival. Of course today we have formalized the exploration, and ad-hoc approach of the past into a well crafted synthesis of the scientific finding and most importantly we have added the idea of consequence management. Environmental science today covers, how living and nonliving things interact. It involves a lot of discipline and fields of study such as physics, biology, chemistry, geography, oceanography, etc. Thus, environmental science is very important because it study the connection and implication of seemingly disconnected phenomena, enlightening to the consequence of our action such the effect of technology on the destruction of the natural resources and the ecosystem, and what we can do to reverse some of this destructive forces and heal the environment, saving ourselves in the process.


In theory today we are more aware of our actions studying our environment in a scientific way documenting, codifying and developing elaborate computer models that highlight the impact of our activities, yet in spite of that we continue to be slow and profess self ignorance in name of development and the building of wealth. We are victims of the capitalist dogma. Another importance of environmental science is communication and education of the global issues, through journals, international conferences, and the media so that immediate solutions can be found and applied. These issues may range from dynamite fishing to global warming, forest denudation to. Because of development, more infrastructures had been built, more transportation systems had been created, and more rural areas had been urbanized.


With these rapid changes, there is a need to study each step that may alter the environment so that the natural ecosystem may still be protected or replaced by a better one. Environmental science is important to save our world from destruction. Because of manŠ²s abusive actions, the environment is not safe anymore. There are more calamities experienced such as flashfloods, hurricanes and draughts and. If we do not study the environment, then there is a great danger that everything that we know as home with all that surround us, will lead to extinction, yes including the extinction of our specie. We need to study the environment and the sciences applied into it to find solutions to different environmental issues so that children of tomorrow will still enjoy the healthy and productive environment we still have now. If man will only make use of the different discoveries through environmental science, then this world will definitely be a better place to be called home not only for us but for the next generation.

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