why do we have to save endangered animals


Is it Important to Save Animals from Extinction? Some people may ask why bother with conservation? We now realise that it is important to maintain the planet s biodiversity, that it is the richness (variety) of animal and plant life, its abundance and wild habitats that keeps us all healthy and happy. The more species disappear, the more entire eco-systems become vulnerable and would eventually fall apart as the links in the food chains become broken. For example certain animals only eat certain plants and those plants may need that animal to pollinate it or spread its seed. Without one, the other is also likely to die out.

From a selfish point of view, we humans never know how valuable a species of animal or plant may be for us in the future, perhaps as food, medicines (particularly plants) or for specific information such as for biomimicry.
In nature, everything is interconnected. Unfortunately, we often have very little idea of all the repercussions involved in the disappearance of a single animal population in a corner of a forest, swamp or river. Imagine the impacts of clear cutting on the development of a new residential area or those of filling a swamp in order to build a road. Imagine that pollutants are emptied into the mouth of a river.

What would happen? Obviously, the shrubs, trees, aquatic plants and algae would be contaminated, die or disappear. Browsing animals would then be obliged to leave the area owing to the lack of food sources. Next, predators large and small would be deprived of the prey they need to survive. And so on and so forth. Disruption and imbalance are the hallmarks of a nature modified and remodelled by humans. And since every animal plays a specific role in the food chain and the balance of nature, the entire natural world would be turned on its head.

To illustrate each one\’s role in the environment, let\’s make an analogy with the Egyptian pyramid. Each animal species is represented by a stone block. If one block is removed from the base, nothing happens. The pyramid remains solid enough thanks to all the other blocks. But if several blocks are removed at random, the edifice becomes fragile. At some point the removal of a single block becomes too much and the entire structure crumbles. The same holds true for the pyramid of life. All species are necessary to maintain this fragile equilibrium in nature, even if their role is not immediately obvious.

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