why do we have to pay for tv licence


Do you think it\’s fair that we have to pay for a TV licence in order to (legally) receive television broadcasts? A large amount of the TV licence fee goes towards supporting the BBC and its various TV and radio channels. This means that the BBC doesn\’t have to use advertisements to fund its programs. While the lack of advertisement within broadcasts is definitely convenient for the viewer, for people who don\’t make use of the BBC\’s services, it\’s a very unnecessary tax. After all, there are plenty of alternatives to the BBC. Of course, you don\’t have to pay for a TV licence; but if you don\’t, you won\’t be able to legally watch live television broadcasts and could be prosecuted if you attempt to. For this reason, it\’s a bit of a catch 22 for the people who, for whatever reason, don\’t want to support the BBC. Additionally, it seems pretty harsh to prosecute someone for refusing to support the BBC, even if the licence fee is a tax. Having said that, I\’m not sure about what would happen to the BBC if it were forced to fund its projects without the help of the public.

So, do you mind paying for a TV licence? If so/not, why?
Think you can worm your way out of paying the TV Licence? YouБre going to need to up your excuses game, because there are some doozies this year. The organisation responsible for collecting TV Licensing money has revealed 10 of the best excuses they have received in the past year from people whoБve been caught out watching TV without a licence. From a woman in East London claiming that she doesnБt have to pay because sheБs БPrince HarryБs girlfriendБ to a person from Liverpool saying she only kept a copy of Radio Times on her chair Бto remind me of what IБm missingБ, Brits can be remarkably inventive when it comes to dodging бе147. БI am not paying for my licence now the BBC are showing porn,Б one viewer fumed. БGary Lineker in the nude on Match of the Day Б disgusting! Б Topping the charts though is this from a woman in Bonnyrigg in Scotland:б БSorry I canБt buy a licence because IБm giving CPR to my goldfish.

Б Before you scoff, it appears fish CPR is. Hope that poor fish lived long enough to see Michelle Fowler Б fully licenced of course. Top 10 excuses for not paying the TV licence 2017 БSorry, I canБt buy a licence because IБm giving CPR to my goldfishБ Б Female, Bonnyrigg БMy tag interferes with the TV signalБ Б Male, Liverpool БI donБt watch the BBCБ [as the theme tune to EastEnders played out in the background] Б Male, Birmingham БIБll pay it next year when the Rangers are back in the Premier League, palБ Б Male, Glasgow БI have a smart TV and itБs that smart it can work without a licenceБ Б Male, Paisley БI donБt need a TV Licence because when we got divorced a court gave her half of everything. So I got the TV and she got the licence. Go find her! Б Б Male, Edinburgh БI am exempt from buying a TV Licence, as I am Prince HarryБs girlfriendБ Б Female, East London БI am not paying for my licence now that the BBC are showing porn.

Gary Lineker in the nude on Match of the Day Б disgusting! Б Б Female, Croydon Customer: ItБs not a TV, itБs an LCD fire. Enquiry Officer: And itБs got Bart Simpson-shaped flames Б Female, Magherfelt БI only have one leg, I shouldnБt have to payБ Б Male, Leven Do I? Yes, TV Licensing laws mean you have to have a licence to watch shows either live or via catch-up on iPlayer. It doesnБt matter if youБre watching via a laptop, phone or TV box, you still need to pay. That includes shows youБve downloaded via iPlayer. The BBC has recently announced that Б so soon you will need a password to watch shows on iPlayer. The corporation claims it will help deliver a more personalised service, although some have suggested it will also make it easier to identify people who are using iPlayer without a licence.

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