why do we need to study networking


Computer networks help users on the network to share the resources and in communication. Can you imagine a world now without emails, online, blogs, chat and the other services offered by the internet? The following are the important uses and benefits of a computer network. File sharing: Networking of computers helps the network users to share data files. Hardware sharing: Users can share devices such as printers, scanners, CD-ROM drives, hard drives etc. Without computer networks, device sharing is not possible.


Application sharing: Applications can be shared over the network, and this allows to implement client/server applications
User communication: Networks allow users to communicate using e-mail, newsgroups, and video conferencing etc. Network gaming: A lot of network games are available, which allow multi-users to play from different locations. Voice over IP (VoIP) : Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) is a revolutionary change in telecommunication which allows to send telephone calls (voice data) using standard Internet Protocol (IP) rather than by traditional PSTN. Many people already heard other people say: networking is important.


And then the person for instance explains how it helps in sales. But if you are not responsible for any sales results for your company you probably won t listen. So here is a list of 26 reasons why networking is important. These are the main reasons that we got from the thousands of participants of our networking and referral training courses and presentations. Sales related Not-sales related 16) Getting new ideas, new insights and new wisdom 25) Receiving more invitations to (the right) events as a participant, speaker or co-host P26 c On a personal level (getting the kids out of school, help when renovating your house, babysitter, ) As you know part of our definition of the networking attitude is that if you give first and help others with all above topics, they will do the same for you.


At least if you will do it for them without expecting anything in return. Have a great networking day!

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