why do we need discipline in the uniformed public services


In this essay, I will be looking at and justifying the role of discipline within the public services, as well as evaluating the impact of discipline. Discipline takes a massive role in the public services for many reasons. It is crucial for the servicemen to stick to the rules, which I will be demonstrating within my case study which looks at what happens when a Buckingham Palace Guard is seen pirouetting. Every serviceman within the uniformed public services knows how discipline is of the upmost importance when serving your country. There are many reasons for this, although some people feel that some are more important others. Some of these reasons include:
And the list goes on, although these points will be the focus for this essay. Some say that keeping yourself and others around you safe is the most important role of discipline. Entering any sort of dangerous situation without the knowledge or discipline to adhere to the basic rules could not only cause your own death, but also risking the lives of everyone around you. Although this is a very valid reason, some may argue that if someone accidently breaches the rules without knowing their breaking a rule, then it is completely reliant on the training given to that person. This then leads to the importance of knowing the rules of your service and what you can and canвt do within your role. I think that this is totally reliant on your training; if you havenвt been told what you can and canвt do then how are you supposed to know. Although I think most people would agree with me, there are few that, despite of this, will discipline their colleagues whether they know the rules or not, leaving it up to them to learn the hard way.


Moving on to my third point, if you are to serve the country, most people would agree in saying that they should do it in the correct manner by showing that they are disciplined. This includes setting a good example for their service, e. g. not getting into fights. In one case, there was a Grenadier Guardsman caught on camera dancing and pirouetting in front of Buckingham Palace. This included him marching in slow motion and freezingВ with his leg in the air. A lot of people saw this as a disgrace to the uniform, with one woman, who said her son was a Guardsman, saying вthe soldier had disgraced his uniform and should be severely reprimanded. в An Army spokeswoman also said We are aware of the video. Anyone who is found to fall short of the Army s high standards can expect to face appropriate action. But other comments were more forgiving: It s a harmless bit of fun and entertainment for the crowd. He is still doing his job but showing his human side too. My opinion on this is that he has disgraced every single serviceman who works hard to abide by the rules to upkeep the entire uniformвs respect and appearance. I totally agree with the army spokeswoman when she says If you are on patrol outside Buckingham Palace that is an important job and we do not expect people to be messing around. Onto my final point of keeping the public safe. In my opinion, this is the most vital reason for having discipline within the uniformed public services. The core role of all public servicemen is to keep their country safe, including each and every one of their people. This goes from taking care of criminals in a prison, to saving lives as a paramedic, to fighting for their countryвs safety on a battlefield.

They are all needed to keep the public safe. Some may say that it is wrong to risk your own life to fight terrorists, or that it costs too much money to upkeep the services. But in my opinion, they couldnвt be more wrong. Everything they do is to serve the country. Extracts from this document. Dawn Wittich Gold B 29-11-2012 Understanding Discipline REF: U. D. 1 Understanding discipline Discipline Task one- P1- explain the need for and role of discipline in the public services. This should be done under two separate headings. Include the \’day in the life of a public servant\’. Highlight and explain the discipline aspects. This should be done under two separate headings. Task two- M1- justify the need for and role of discipline in the public services. Task three- D1- the impact of discipline in the public services. Need for discipline in the public services For the public services to run smoothly and effectively employees need to have discipline. The need for discipline is to encourage organisation and efficiency in the public services. It helps to improve productivity and to keep the team focused on the task ahead. Discipline puts structure within the team, as members need to have clear responsibilities and know their role in the team. For example if the army had no discipline soldier wouldn\’t follow orders and bother to try their best as there would be no punishment if their job wasn\’t done properly. The need for discipline is important as it enforces hierarchical as higher rank officers have more authority and power. They have the right to enforce obedience, delegate power and their opinion is accepted because their of expertise.

This is important as if employees had no rulers or regulation on how they should behave, then employees would be free to do what they want without any consequences or punishment and the task would not get completed in the time frame given. If employees had no discipline then there would be a failure or refusal to carry out lawful orders resulting in disorganisation and confusion. Discipline is one of the most important aspects of the public services. Rules, regulations, orders and maintenance ensure that everything what needs doing is completed in the most effective way possible. Discipline is there to make sure and to improve partiality and promptness in the forces to put the needs of others before their own. This is important as a soldier needs to be able to put others team members needs in battle to save a maximum of lives. It teaches member to respect and work more effectively with each other making the team and team members feel happier and responsible for the team success. In the public services discipline is used to strengthen the teams and ensure that members are working at their full ability. It ensures that employees behave in a professional manner and respond to a saturation effectively. The role of discipline is to enforce the reward and punishment system, this is a way of making sure employees feel valid. It ensures that employee work to their best ability as they will be rewarded for their hard work. Dawn Wittich Gold B 29-11-2012 Understanding Discipline REF: U. D. 1 This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our section.

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